Cutting the Cord: Kaivac Battery-powered Technology Can Set You Free

by | May 17, 2021

Battery-powered cleaning technology offers a lot of benefits over plug-in choices. Cords, after all, are a hassle, particularly when attached to equipment used to clean a large or crowded facility. Cords pose tripping hazards to employees, get tangled in furniture and limit how far a worker can go before they must unplug and find a new outlet.  

Cleaning professionals trying to extend their reach may plug equipment into an extension cord. This can make a bad problem worse. Extension cords are common failure points. Not only do they allow more tripping and tangling dangers, extension cords can also leave marks on the floors and put businesses in danger of an OSHA violation if cords are daisy-chained together.

Power Through with Power Packs

Battery-powered equipment eliminates cord hassles. Cleaners can move quickly throughout spaces without fear of tripping or tangling. And they never have to search for an outlet.

Cordless cleaning equipment is perfect for day maintenance tasks, like spill removal, as they get the job done without presenting a tripping hazard to the public. This technology is also well-suited for situations where noise control is imperative. And battery-powered equipment is perfect for places without electrical outlets like halls, stairs and elevators.

Battery-powered equipment is also great to use out in the field. That makes cleaning remote spaces like park restrooms easier and more effective.

Battery-powered equipment is also good for:

  • Daycare cleaning
  • Education facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Grocery and Retail stores
  • Sports/fitness facilities
  • Daily floor cleaning
  • Spill pick up
  • Flood pick up
  • Cleaning remote areas

The Problem with Batteries

For all of their benefits, traditional, battery-powered technology has its downsides. Some equipment lose power as the battery gets close to the end of its charge. This can be very frustrating, especially if recharging means a lot of downtime.

Overcharging, on the other hand, may lead to a shortened battery life. Also, traditional battery-powered equipment tends to be heavier than plug in options. This can make the tools unwieldy and difficult to use.

Unplug with Kaivac Battery-Powered Equipment

The new Kaivac Quick-Change Power Pack solves many traditional battery-powered equipment issues. The Quick-Change Power Pack works across all Kaivac cleaning systems, much like a universal power pack for power tools. This allowing for quick changes and sharing of batteries between all of Kaivac battery-enabled systems including No-Touch Cleaning, the AutoVac and the UniVac.

The Power Pack weighs only 9.2 pounds, yet proved superior power. The 36V DC rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery:

  • Has a run time of 60 minutes
  • Recharges in three hours
  • Cleans a whopping 200-250 restroom fixtures per battery per charge

Even more impressive, the state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion battery provides consistent power throughout its charge. That means workers can keep going without losing suction or sacrificing cleaning efficacy. An overcharge protection and automatic shutdown maximizes battery life. An onboard gauge lets users know when power is getting low and it is time to swap out.

Ready to un-plug? Learn more about the Kaivac Quick-Change Power Pack here.

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