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Kaivac Goes Unplugged with the Quick-Change Power Pack

by | Sep 25, 2020

Introducing the Kaivac Quick-Change Power Pack, offering cordless capabilities across all Kaivac cleaning systems. Much like universal battery packs for power tools, the Power Pack is easy in, easy out. This allows users to quickly change and share batteries across all Kaivac battery-enabled systems, including No-Touch Cleaning, the AutoVac, and the UniVac.

Weighing only 9.2 pounds, the Power Pack is lightweight while still providing superior power. The 36V DC rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has a run time of 60 minutes and a recharge time of 3 hours. Users can clean an estimated 200-250 restroom fixtures per battery, per charge based on average No-Touch Cleaning practices. With battery power, you can get the Kaivac clean anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of Cordless Cleaning

The go-anywhere capability of the Kaivac Battery Power Pack improves worker productivity while eliminating the hassle of cord maintenance, making it perfect for day cleaning and other noise and trip sensitive cleaning processes. Cleaners can move quickly and nimbly through tight spaces and obstacles without the hindrance of managing a cord or looking for outlets. Cordless cleaning also eliminates extension cords, a common failure point and cause of building damage, OSHA violations, and cord marks on floors.

 The Quick-Change Kaivac Battery Power Pack is a perfect match for No-Touch Cleaning Machines, AutoVac Floor Cleaning Machines, and UniVac kitchen floor wet vac cleaning systems for use in :

  • Daycare cleaning
  • Education facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Grocery and Retail stores
  • Sports/fitness facilities
  • Daily floor cleaning
  • Spill pick up
  • Flood pick up
  • Cleaning remote areas

Power Pack Features

The state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion battery provides consistent performance from beginning to end of the charge cycle, meaning you won’t lose power toward the end of the battery life. A wall mounting option declutters and provides convenience, while overcharge protection and automatic shutdown maximize battery life. An easy-to-read onboard gauge lets users know when it’s time to swap the battery. 

Kaivac Systems Clean by Removing

Like all Kaivac systems, the battery-powered models thoroughly capture and remove soils, germs and other harmful indoor pollutants. Ready to amp up your cleaning? Get in touch with Kaivac to learn more about our cleaning solutions for every building.

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