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Advanced Cleaning Systems: A Great Improvement Over Past Methods

by | May 26, 2015

Throughout the years, technological advancements have worked to make our daily tasks easier and more efficient. Think of push mowers vs. riding mowers or typewriters vs. laptops. The newer versions can save users time and energy. The same is true about cleaning equipment. Traditional cleaning tools were simple and often used for multiple jobs. These methods were time-intensive and not very effective. With today’s advanced cleaning systems, you can get your environment much cleaner in a fraction of the time you would need to use with traditional methods.

Commercial Public Restrooms

In the past, the unlucky employee who had to clean a commercial restroom had to arm himself with an array of tools, including rubber gloves, buckets, scrub brushes, mops, rags, and spray bottles. It took a lot of time and effort just to clean the fixtures, and then the employee had to move on to more extensive areas, like the floor and the grout between the tiles.

Now, there are more advanced cleaning systems for restrooms, like Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning Systems. These systems can be used for all steps of the cleaning process. The powerful spray and industrial-strength vacuum can apply cleaner, remove soil and rinse it to the floor, and remove all of the dirt and moisture from the floor. This advanced system allows you to transform a dirty restroom into a clean and dry space within minutes.


Large Hard-Surface Floors

In decades past, if you needed to clean a large amount of floor space, such as school hallways or gym floors, an autoscrubber was the logical solution. This tool was efficient, but it was heavy, complicated to use and repair, and extremely expensive.

Cordless automated floor cleaning machines, like Kaivac’s OmniFlex AutoVac Battery, take the concepts of a walk-behind floor cleaner and improve on it. These machines are as fast and effective as old autoscrubbers. However, they are much lighter and less expensive. Newer automated floor cleaning machines have very few moving parts, which allows employees to do maintenance themselves. You do not need to wait for a manufacturer to make a costly repair.


Touchpoint Surfaces Everywhere

One of the simplest cleaning tasks has always been cleaning flat surfaces, such as tables and desks. Traditionally, workers would use a rag and a bucket filled with a cleaning solution. Unfortunately, when using this system, the rag picks up any bacteria on the surface and rinses it into the bucket, only to be picked back up and spread around the next area to be cleaned. This results in a layer of soil and germs instead of a clean work surface.

Advanced cleaning systems, such as Kaivac’s KaiFly system, change this technique to ensure zero cross-contamination. You apply a cleaning solution to all of the surfaces in the area and allow it to sit for a moment for the moisture to soak in. Afterward, an industrial-strength squeegee removes all moisture, soil, and germs from the surface, leaving it clean, dry, and germ-free.

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