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Solving the Restroom Problem

Solving the Restroom Problem

Public restrooms are a major challenge. They're expensive, they're difficult to clean, and they remain the number one building maintenance complaint year after year. That's because they're dirty, they stink and dirty restrooms drive customers away. On top of all that, they're also a serious health hazard. The biggest problem in the public restroom is the way that they're cleaned. Most restrooms are cleaned with a mop and bucket, and mops just don't work. They remove very little soil and contaminants and actually spread contaminants around moving them from one area to another. Fortunately there is a better way to clean a public restroom. Kaivac Cleaning Systems has a hygienic, no-mop solution for any commercial restroom on the planet, regardless of the size or construction. Kaivac's innovative systems provide superior cleaning results in much less time than traditional cleaning methods while protecting the worker from exposure to harmful surfaces, chemicals and contaminants. They also provide a rapid return on investment. Contact Kaivac to learn how we can help you Stop the Mop!

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