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  • Dispense-and-Vac
    Part Number: ODVF$991.81

    Includes Trolley-Bucket, Wet Vacuum, 35' Crush-Proof Vac Hose, One-piece Vac Wand with Mounted Mohawk Grout...

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  • Trolley-Bucket
    Part Number: KMFBASIC$241.61

    Includes a Trolley-Bucket with handle.

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  • UniVac™ - Corded
    Part Number: XCU001$953.66

    Includes 25’ Electrical Extension Cord (not shown) with built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) for...

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  • Wet Vacuum
    Part Number: OWD$695.02

    Wet Vac for high-performance, cost-effective floor care. Includes 45’ of slinky style Vac Hose, lightweight...

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