Biohazard Cleaning: How to Clean Crime Scenes, Meth Labs and More
Biohazard cleaning professionals step in after the police, investigators and forensic specialists leave. Their job is to put the scene back to its original state by cleaning and sanitizing the home, business or vehicle.
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True Cost of a Spill: How to Clean Spills, Keep your Customers Safe and Protect Your Bottom Line
Knowing how to clean spills quickly and completely will save your business time, money and big headaches.
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How to Clean an Industrial Facility
Cleaning an industrial facility is no small feat. These buildings are large with a diversity of spaces and functions.
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School Project Cleaning: Planning for Success
Effective project cleaning requires planning, coordination and a hard accounting of available tools, supplies and personnel. Are you prepared for the school project cleaning crunch?
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Watch: The Company We Keep
Thousands of brands across the world count on Kaivac for their cleaning needs. From food service brands to higher education, building service contractors and more, Kaivac has them covered.
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Product Spotlight: KaiTutor
KaiTutor is an onboard training system designed to help custodial workers excel at job-related activities by delivering critical operational and educational information right when and where it’s needed - on the job.
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