Catch up with the latest edition of Kai-Leidoscope!
Catch up with the latest edition of Kai-Leidoscope!

Success with Kaivac: An Interview with Michigan State University

A Q&A with Paul Manson of MSU about their cleaning success with the use of Kaivac equipment.

Healthcare Cleaning Best Practices
Healthcare cleaning demands attention, precision and a well-trained staff. A poorly-cleaned facility poses a risk to patients, medical staff and visitors, while cleaning the facility incorrectly poses a risk to your janitorial staff. 

Your Guide to Cleaning Commercial Flooring by Type

Keeping floors in top shape is important, but different materials require different tools, techniques and approaches.

Mops, Health, Daycare Centers, and Children

Mopping is simply no longer recommended for cleaning floors because so many reports have been published documenting the problems mopping causes.
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Watch the Story of Kaivac
View a brief documentary chronicling our beginnings to our modern achievements.

The all-new KaiVac 2750

The largest of the No-Touch Cleaning systems, the KaiVac 2750 is perfect for big facilities with high capacity needs

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