SmartTowel™ Red Microfiber Towel - 5/Pack


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SmartTowel™ Red Microfiber Towel – 5/Pack

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Cleaning towels are notorious for accumulating and spreading soils and potentially dangerous contaminants. Though most users simply wad the towel during cleaning, many experts recommend folding the towel into four quadrants and then flipping to a fresh panel as the surface becomes soiled to help keep the towel fresh. This ‘flipping and folding’ practice helps, but it’s difficult to know where to start and which parts of the towel have already been used.

The patented SmartTowel is numbered in quadrants – 1 through 4 on one side, and 5 through 8 on the other. This allows the user to fold the towel and use only one quadrant at a time. When a quadrant becomes soiled, the user can simply fold the towel to the next in sequence using the numbered system.

With the ability to manage which section of the towel has been used, the user can effectively reduce the risk of cross-contamination and clean with confidence.



  • Extend useful cleaning time – get more out of your microfiber towel, with better results!
  • Continually flipping to a fresh section of towel (versus wadding) minimizes cross-contamination
  • Easy to use means it’s easy to train
  • Able to withstand 300-500 washings before replacement
  • Available in multiple colors

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