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KaiVac® 1750 with Mister

Clean and Disinfect with One All-Purpose Machine

When it comes to restrooms and other difficult cleaning challenges, nothing beats the spray-and-vac technology of Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning® systems. An added misting module takes No-Touch Cleaning to the next level.

This enhanced No-Touch Cleaning model includes all of the features and functions of the industry leading KaiVac 1750 but also incorporates a complete misting system powered by a whisper-quiet 130 PSI battery-powered pump. It also includes a separate solution tank for ready to use disinfectants or cleaning solutions, a 50 foot (15.2 m) spray line, and a dual-nozzle misting gun.

The Kaivac misting system is an extremely effective and productive way to disperse pre-mixed EPA-registered disinfectants and sanitizers as well as a variety of cleaning solutions, and even water, to a wide variety of surfaces. With minimal effort, it quickly delivers an ultra-fine mist of 60-80 micron droplets to targeted surfaces including hard-to-reach corners and crevices. It provides significantly better and faster coverage than traditional cleaning methods.


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Restroom Cleaning and Disinfection

No-Touch Cleaning systems completely remove soils and other contaminants that mops and wipes leave behind, eliminating odors, and properly preparing the surface for disinfection if desired. Following the cleaning process with an EPA-registered disinfectant applied via the Mister ensures optimum protection.


Kitchen Cleaning and Disinfection

No-Touch Cleaning systems get the grease out of grout lines and from behind equipment. They’re also great for coolers, freezers, walls and more, resulting in clean, safe and healthy kitchens.


Stairwell Cleaning and Disinfection

Stair treads, handrails, ceilings, walls, and corners are a haven for soils and contaminants. No-Touch Cleaning systems quickly deep clean this highly traveled source of cross-contamination. Following the cleaning process with an EPA-registered disinfectant applied via the Mister ensures optimum protection.


Lockers, Gyms and Fitness Facilities

Locker rooms, gyms, showers, equipment and mats are not only a cleaning challenge, they’re also high risk. No-Touch machines remove soils and bio material while reducing the risk of disease transfer. Following the cleaning process with an EPA-registered disinfectant applied via the Mister ensures optimum protection.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

The Kaivac misting system is perfect for pre-spraying and spotting carpet and upholstery. Plus, Kaivac offers an optional stainless steel upholstery tool as well as a carpet extraction wand that transforms the KaiVac 1750 into a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Silver-rated carpet extractor.


Cleans Better

No-Touch Cleaning systems are up to 60 times better in removing bacteria from grout lines than mopping, which is more likely to spread contamination. Plus, the cleaning solution and water always stays fresh. This is a critical step in effective disinfection.


Applies Disinfectant Faster

Applying disinfectant to surfaces with the Kaivac misting system is approximately eight times faster than using a traditional cleaning cloth or hand-held pump sprayer according to The Official ISSA Cleaning Times publication.


Cleans Faster

A trained No-Touch Cleaning operator can clean as fast as one minute per restroom fixture versus the industry average of three minutes per fixture using traditional methods.


Empowers and Protects Workers

Kaivac’s high performance worker-friendly tools empower cleaning professionals to achieve success. Plus, they insulate them from exposure to potentially harmful contaminants and chemicals.


Chemical Savings

Automatic chemical metering improves chemical efficiency, eliminates error, reduces waste, and insulates the worker from unnecessary chemical exposure. In fact, many users achieve outstanding results with just plain water.


Repeatable Outcomes

Unlike mopping, Kaivac’s process is foolproof, resulting in consistently clean, repeatable results.


Easy To Clean Out

No-Touch Cleaning systems are easy to clean out with the convenient dump hose right into any toilet or maintenance sink.


Multipurpose, Versatile

The KaiVac 1750 with mister can be used throughout the building: kitchens, stairwells, locker rooms, and of course, public restrooms. Equip with optional quick-connecting accessories for wet or dry cleaning on any hard or carpeted surface.


Rapid Repair

The removable ‘Black Box’ engine compartment can easily be removed without tools for easy shipping or exchange via UPS, FedEx.


Rapid Return on Investment

Unsurpassed productivity, multipurpose capabilities, and massive chemical savings mean a very rapid return on your equipment investment.

Scott Murray, BG Service Solutions  Denver, CO
“When you’re cleaning busy airports every day of the year, you just can’t have your cleaning equipment break down. [With Kaivac’s 1700 Series] we keep an extra black box handy at all times. We just snap it on and we’re back in business. No downtime and our airport restrooms stay clean and healthy 24/7.”

Randy Reed, Deputy Director for University Housekeeping  NC State University
“We began using spray-and-vacuum, no-touch equipment in our restroom cleaning roughly five years ago. Now, we have about 230 systems on hand – one for every employee in the dorms, academic and athletic buildings, and seven to eight systems in our athletic department.”

Peter Sheldon Sr., CBSE and Vice President of Operations  Coverall
“We use the No-Touch Cleaning system to clean restrooms, food service areas, floors, stairs, and locker room/gym areas. Along with providing more thorough, hygienic cleaning, the system also tends to speed up the cleaning process.”


Physical Specifications *dimensions and capacities are approximate

Weight 133 lb (60 kg)
(H x L X W) Shipping Size 48″ x 32″ x 23″
(H x L X W) As Assembled 40″ x 28″ x 22″
Solution Tank 17.4 gal (65,9 l)
Vacuum Tank 18.1 gal (68,5 l)
Variable Flow Spigot No
Method of Dumping Dump Hose
Dump Hose 26″ (66,04 cm) long
Toilet Dumping Yes
Vacuum Motor Lift 130″ (330,2 cm)
Vacuum CFM 112 cfm (3172 l/min)
Decibels (dB) 69 dB
Pump System 500 PSI
Hard Rubber Tires N/A
Flat-free Non-marking Pneumatic Tires (2) 8″ (20,3 cm)
Casters (2) 5″ (12,7 cm)
Blow Hose 33 ft (10,1 m)
Removable Engine Compartment Yes – Black Box Technology
HEPA Blow Feature 300 mph (482,8 kmh)
HEPA Filtered Exhaust Yes – Replaceable

Electrical Specifications

Volts (US) 110 Volt – 60 Hz
Volts (Universal) 100-240hz; 50-60Hz
Amps 14.5 amp
Electric Cord 50 ft GFCI (15,2 m)

Mister Specifications

Solution Tank 2.75 gal (10,4 l)
Pump System 130 PSI
Flow Rate 7 oz. (o,2 l)/min
Spray Line 50 ft. (15,2 m)
Spray Gun Dual-nozzle misitng gun (60-80 micron droplet size)
Power Source Battery
Run Time 1 hour

Tools & Attachment Specifications

Aluminum Vacuum Wand Yes
Blow Hose & Nozzle Yes
Window Squeegee Yes
Gulper Tool Yes
14″ Squeegee Head Brush Yes
14″ Squeegee Head Yes
Spray Line with Spray Gun Yes – 45 ft (13,7 m)
Training Materials Yes
Tote Bag Yes
Vacuum Hose 25 ft (7,6 m) Rigid & 20 ft (6,1 m) Slinky
Cleaning Width 14″ with Vacuum Wand. 28″ with optional KAUTO28P attachment.


Warranty – Body 5 Years
Warranty – Parts 3 Years
Warranty – Labor 1 Year
Manuals & Literature


KaiVac 1750 with Mister Manual Download PDF
KaiVac 1750 with Mister Product Sheet Download PDF
No-Touch Cleaning Brochure Download PDF
View No-Touch Cleaning Brochure
Accessories Product Sheet Download PDF
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