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School Reopening Resources – Clean Disinfect Sanitize

by | Sep 10, 2020

Resource Roundup: School Reopening

With a new year in full swing, schools and universities all over the country are working to establish a new normal for maintaining school facilities. Information is changing daily, creating a logistical nightmare for administrators, teachers, parents, and school facility mangers.

For those who clean schools, the best way to keep up with the constant flow of information is to stay educated. While some advice is always relevant, such as remembering to hygienically clean prior to disinfection, other protocols are changing rapidly. Today’s cleaning dos may be tomorrow’s cleaning don’ts. At Kaivac, we strive to keep our cleaning community as informed as possible. We’ve rounded up these resources from trusted sources to assist you and your staff during this challenging time.

From the CDC

The CDC offers advice on cleaning and disinfection. In addition to general knowledge, they also have guidelines for safely returning to schools, colleges, universities, and childcare programs.

From the U.S. Department of Education

The Department of Education regularly updates their guidance and policies for schools and all learning environments.

From Healthy Schools Campaign

Healthy Schools Campaign features a robust resource center that includes webinars, check lists, and more. They also break down resources by type of staff and type of facility.

State-by State Guides

Looking for general information about your states plans, laws, and guidelines? Try these links.

Everyone who works in an educational environment knows that knowledge is power. Empower yourself and your staff with these resources to keep schools safe for students, staff, and faculty.

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