Puppywood Pet Resort Cares About Pets and the Environment – Meets Cleanliness, Health and Safety Goals Using Kaivac - Kaivac Cleaning Systems
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Puppywood Pet Resort Cares About Pets and the Environment – Meets Cleanliness, Health and Safety Goals Using Kaivac

by | Feb 3, 2016

The family-owned-and-operated Puppywood Pet Resortwith two locations in Cincinnati, was a recent recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for exemplary customer service – a success this stellar pet “daycare” and “home-away-from-home” attributes to caring staff, loyal customers, beloved pets, an inviting atmosphere, and overall cleanliness leading to a truly safe and healthy environment for pets and staff.

“The safety and health of pets is our number one concern,” notes co-owner Jason Mesman.

Puppywood professionally cleans, disinfects and protects the indoor environment using:

– A medical-grade ultraviolet (UV) air sanitizing HVAC system to kill airborne bacteria.

  1. – Two state-of-the-art Kaivac no-touch spray-and-vac cleaning machines (the KV1750 and the KV1250) to completely remove soils from all parts of each facility, leaving areas deep-cleaned and odor-free.

“While we have always cleaned well, the Kaivac system enables us to take our cleaning to the next level. Kaivac units easily remove more soil than manual spraying, wiping or mopping. With a Kaivac, one person can now do more and superior cleaning−faster.”

“By replacing mops and buckets, and extracting what mopping was leaving behind, the Kaivac machines help produce a cleaner indoor environment in less time, significantly reducing labor while making cleaning
easier on our staff.”

Since Kaivac machines are mobile and on wheels, with onboard attachments for different cleaning applications, they make short work of removing pet ‘accidents’ (feces, urine, blood, etc.) allowing Puppywood employees to quickly remove even unpleasant soils without touching them.

The removal of virtually all soil, including cleaning solutions and residues, is very important to prevent pet exposures to contaminants and chemicals, especially when pets are boarded, Jason notes.

He stresses that the proximity of the animals under Puppywood’s watchful care makes hygienic cleaning extra important.

“Our Pet Resort is very much like a school or daycare for kids.  With lots of kids (or pups) in one place, this means it is more likely they may catch a cold or other virus than if they were at home. We take pride in how clean and safe we keep our facilities, and Kaivac is an important part of our pet care arsenal.”

Kaivac has helped Puppywood Pet Resort achieve its cleanliness, health and safety goals consistently and affordably – and that may be something to bark about.

Amy Milshtein
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