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The patented Trolley-Bucket is the most versatile mop bucket available today. For starters, it makes an ideal mop bucket/wringer combo for supporting traditional cleaning methods. But, it also does a whole lot more. Its built-in self dispensing spigot makes it perfect for applying fresh cleaning solution, degreaser, stripping solution, floor finish and gym finish in a fast and flawless manner. Add optional bins and microfiber accessories and convert it into a full-featured microfiber trolley system. Plus, when you’re ready, simply add OmniFlex™ components and tools to build a custom hygienic cleaning system that fits your exact needs.

Considering all that the trolley-bucket offers, why would you ever buy another standard mop bucket again? Check it out and see why we call it "the bucket with a future."


Why is the OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket Better?

Most conventional mop buckets contain dirty, contaminated water, which mops simply spread around, leaving surfaces soiled, wet and dangerous. With the OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket, since pads never enter the solution tank, the solution remains fresh for more effective cleaning and fewer closet trips. Simply changing to a clean microfiber pad removes the soil and reduces the possibility of spreading soils and contamination.

Also, applying the correct amount of solution is important for optimum and cost-effective floor care.  With the Trolley-Bucket, the operator controls exactly how much solution is applied by using the spigot throttle and walking at the correct pace.  The wider the throttle is opened, the greater the flow – the faster the pace, the less solution goes onto the floor.  This self-dispensing capability also makes the Trolley-Bucket ideal for stripping and waxing applications too.


Perhaps best of all, the Trolley-Bucket coverts to a Dispense-and-Vac, Spray-and-Squeegee or Spray-and-Vac system in seconds for high-performance hygienic green cleaning. That's why we call it the "bucket with a future."



• As the basic building block of the OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning System, it converts easily to support multiple high-speed hygienic cleaning methods just by adding optional components and tools.

• The self-dispensing solution bucket ensures that only fresh, clean solution is ever used.

• Spigot throttle manages the amount of solution used, reducing chemical costs up to 90% while producing better results.

• Designed for flawless waxing, the precise flow of floor finish from the spigot along with smooth microfiber application provide a level coat of finish with no bubbles or streaks, eliminating costly redo's.

• Multiple handle options provide maximum versatility.

• It accommodates up to five bins to hold an assortment of tools and supplies.

  • Specifications


    Solution Tank: 10 Gallons (37,9 l)
    Solution Tank Material: Injection Mold Polypropylene
    Variable flow spigot: Yes
    Hard Rubber Tires: (2) 5" (12,7 cm)

    Casters: (2) 3" (7,62 cm), locking
    Handle: Metal with Posts (removable)
    • Pour Spouts and Rim for Easy Dumping into Toilets
    • Accommodates Multiple Bins
    • Built-in Tool Holders around the Rim

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OmniFlex Microfiber System

Manuals & Literature


Full Specs






Physical Specifications * Dimensions and capacities are approximate.

Weight81 lb (36,7 kg)61 lb (27,7 kg)102 lb (45,4 kg)82 lb (37,2 kg)
Size (H x L X W)43" x 36" x 22" (109,2 x 91,4 x 55,9 cm)43" x 21" x 22" (109,2 x 53,4 x 55,9 cm)43" x 36" x 22" (109,2 x 91,4 x 55,9 cm)43" x 36" x 22" (109,2 x 91,4 x 55,9 cm)
Solution Tank10 gal (37,9 l)10 gal (37,9 l)10 gal (37,9 l)10 gal (37,9 l)
Vacuum Tank10 gal (37,9 l)10 gal (37,9 l)10 gal (37,9 l)10 gal (37,9 l)
Variable Flow SpigotYesYesYesYes
Method of DumpingDump HoseDump HoseDump HoseDump Hose
Dump Hose26" (66.04 cm) long26" (66.04 cm) long26" (66.04 cm) long26" (66.04 cm) long
Toilet DumpingYesYesYesYes
Vacuum Motor Lift62" (157.48 cm)92" (233,7 cm)92" (233,7 cm)92" (233,7 cm)
Vacuum CFM77 cfm (2180.40 l/min)90 cfm (2549 l/min)90 cfm (2549 l/min)90 cfm (2549 l/min)
Decibels (dB)75 dB75 dB75 dB75 dB
Removable MotorYesYesYesYes
Pump SystemNoNo500 PSINo
HandleMetal with Posts (removable)Metal with Posts (removable)Metal with Posts (removable)Metal with Posts (removable)
Hard Rubber Tires(2) 5" (12,7 cm)(2) 5" (12,7 cm)(2) 5" (12,7 cm)(2) 5" (12,7 cm)
Casters(2) 3" (7,62 cm)(2) 3" (7,62 cm)(2) 3" (7,62 cm)(2) 3" (7,62 cm)

Electrical Specifications

Volts (US)N/A110V - 60 Hz110V - 60 HzN/A
Volts (Universal)N/A100-240V; 50-60Hz100-240V; 50-60HzN/A
Amps (US)N/A10 amp10 ampN/A
Amps (Universal)N/A5.5 amp5.5 ampN/A
Electric CordN/A15 ft (4,57 m)25 ft (7,6 m)N/A
Extension CordN/A25 ft GFCI (7,6 m) - Optional
100 ft (30,48 m) - Optional
25 ft GFCI (7,6 m) - Optional
100 ft (30,48 m) - Optional
Battery Box Weight16.8 lb (7,6 kg)N/AN/A16.8 lb (7,6 kg)
Battery Box Dimensions (H x W x D)13.5" x 19.5" x 10" (34,3 x 49,5, x 35,4 cm)N/AN/A13.5" x 19.5" x 10" (34,3 x 49,5, x 35,4 cm)
Battery Storage & Operation Temperature32°F (0°C) to 80°F (27°C)N/AN/A32°F (0°C) to 80°F (27°C)
Battery Storage & Shipping Charge40-60% Charge (35-38VDC)N/AN/A40-60% Charge (35-38VDC)
Battery TypeLithium-IonN/AN/ALithium-Ion
Battery Box Voltage36V DCN/AN/A36V DC
Battery Capacity20 A-hr.N/AN/A20 A-hr.
Battery Current15 A DCN/AN/A15 A DC
Approx Run Time BOL (Beginning of Life)80 - 90 minN/AN/A80 - 90 min
Approx Run Time EOL (End of Life)50 min (discontinue use and recycle)N/AN/A50 min (discontinue use and recycle)
Battery Box ReceptacleIP67 w/cover (not required for UL)N/AN/AIP67 w/cover (not required for UL)
Run Time Hour MeterYes - acts as "odometer" for battery and runs only when motor is onN/AN/AYes - acts as "odometer" for battery and runs only when motor is on
Approx Charge Time5.5 hoursN/AN/A5.5 hours
Charger Amps5 AmpsN/AN/A5 Amps
Charger Voltage110-240VAC / 36 VDCN/AN/A110-240VAC / 36 VDC
Charge Voltage42V DCN/AN/A42V DC
Battery Charge GaugeYes, LED IndicatorN/AN/AYes, LED Indicator
Approx Charge Cycles400 @ 100% discharge (500 @ 80% discharge)N/AN/A400 @ 100% discharge (500 @ 80% discharge)
Meets All Applicable UL & CSA Safety RequirementsYes, Certified by IntertekN/AN/AYes, Certified by Intertek

Tools & Attachment Specifications

Aluminum Vacuum WandNoYesYesYes
14" Squeegee Head BrushNoYesYesYes
10" Squeegee HeadYesNoNoNo
Spray Line with Spray GunNoNoYes - 45 ft (13,7 m)No
Training MaterialsYesYesYesYes
Tote BagYesYesYesYes
Vacuum Hose7.5 ft (2,29 m) + 15 ft (4,57 m) crush-proof & grease-resistant35 ft (10,7 m) crush-proof & grease-resistant35 ft (10,7 m) crush-proof & grease-resistant7.5 ft (2,29 m) + 15 ft (4,57 m) crush-proof & grease-resistant
Cleaning Width28" (71,1cm)14" (35,6cm)14" (35,6cm)14" (35,6cm) with Vacuum Wand. 28" (71,1cm) with rear-mounted AutoVac attachment.
Cleaning Pads(5) 26.5" wet microfiber pads with multicolor tabsN/AN/A(5) 26" orange & gray wet microfiber pads


Warranty - Parts1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Warranty - Labor1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Warranty - Battery50 hours - 300 hours Prorated (see Manual for full battery warranty details)N/AN/A50 hours - 300 hours Prorated (see Manual for full battery warranty details)