SmartTab Mop Pad™

SmartTab Mop Pad™

Part Number: UDMP

With Kaivac's SmartTab Mop Pad, you buy a single wet or dry microfiber mop pad, yet still have access to a four-color-coded microfiber system. Each pad comes with four colored strips - red, yellow, blue and green - that allows you to select the color you want for the particular application. This means you can purchase a single item and still have the flexibility of four unique color-coded pads. You avoid having too little inventory of one color, or overstocks on another. What could be easier?


Why color-coding?


A color-coded cleaning system lets you better organize your workforce, whether by location, project, cleaning application, area or zone.  This way, restroom pads don’t get used in the kitchen by mistake, giving you better results, with less risk.


In addition, color coding allows you to:


  • Improve training through a simplified color-coded system
  • Simplify communication with a visual approach to cleaning tasks
  • Enhance productivity and minimize mistakes
  • Prevent cross-contamination from high risk to low risk areas


Use with Kaivac’s Color-Coded SmartTowel™


Take advantage of all the benefits that color-coding has to offer, without the negative impact on your inventory.  Kaivac’s SmartTab Mop Pads work perfectly with our color-coded SmartTowels to provide the best microfiber solutions in the industry.

  • Specifications

     Wet Mop PadDry Mop Pad
    ColorWhite pad with blue trimWhite pad with white trim
    Size14 cm x 46 cm14 cm x 46 cm
    TypeLoose-braided, 6 loops/cm, 5-6 mm length325 Fluffy cut-end microfiber
    Material100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
    ShrinkageNo more than 5% after launderingNo more than 5% after laundering
    Water Absorbance7 times weight in water7 times weight in water
    DurabilityWill withstand 500 launderingsWill withstand 500 launderings
    BackingWhite VelcroWhite Velcro
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    Full Specs

      Wet Mop Pad Dry Mop Pad
    Color White pad with blue trim White pad with white trim
    Size 14 cm x 46 cm 14 cm x 46 cm
    Type Loose-braided, 6 loops/cm, 5-6 mm length 325 Fluffy cut-end microfiber
    Material 100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) 100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
    Shrinkage No more than 5% after laundering No more than 5% after laundering
    Water Absorbance 7 times weight in water 7 times weight in water
    Durability Will withstand 500 launderings Will withstand 500 launderings
    Backing White Velcro White Velcro