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Cleaning animal and pet care facilities can pose a major challenge. Whether a veterinary office, hospital, kennel, day care, groomer, or even zoo, they share common problems. Accidents, spills and other potentially harmful contaminants are not only offensive, but dangerous to the health of pets and their owners. If these threats aren't completely removed, they can cause major issues, and ultimately lost business.

Mops, rags and other traditional tools are inadequate at addressing these problems and actually make matters worse. Plus they're tedious to use and painfully slow. Mops spread contaminants, leave floors wet and remove little of anything. This, in turn, leads to offensive odors, slip-and-fall risks; and worse, the potential to spread disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites throughout the facility.

Kaivac offers a number of portable multipurpose cleaning solutions for pet facilities. Their systems allow workers to thoroughly clean floors, kennels, examination rooms, grooming areas and any other hard surface 60 times better than mops – without having to touch contaminated and unpleasant soils and surfaces.


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