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Low-Cost Floor Cleaning System Helps BSC Achieve High Performance Results

by | Apr 21, 2015

Cincinnati-based BSC leverages an innovative low-cost floor cleaning system to deliver superior results for his customers.

Jancoa, based in Cincinnati, OH, was started in 1970 when Tony Miller Sr., a 19-year-old student at the University of Cincinnati, took on a second job cleaning local taverns. Soon it became a small family-run business, but within a decade, the business grew significantly. Today, Jancoa cleans 12 million square feet of commercial space every single day.

According to Clint Bard, COO for the firm, keys to the company’s growth have been an active—and obviously successful—marketing program as well as a top-notch training program for the company’s more than 300 employees. They also credit the company’s success to staying focused on the latest cleaning technologies, especially those that are cost effective, help improve worker productivity, and are easy to use.

And that’s where Kaivac’s AutoVac, a high performance low-cost floor cleaning system, comes in.

The AutoVac Cleaning system starts with a specially engineered, self-dispensing trolley bucket with a variable-release spigot. This ensures that only fresh cleaning solution is applied to the floor.  The vacuum unit attaches to the trolley bucket, allowing users to ‘spread-and-vac’ for easy and complete floor cleaning.

Tests indicate that the original corded system cleans up to 16,000 square feet per hour. The battery-powered AutoVac outperforms these results and cleans up to 20,000 square feet per hour, which is comparable to a 27-inch walk-behind automatic scrubber.

Low-Cost Floor Cleaning in Less Time

‘We were impressed with these machines right away,’ says Bard. ‘The ease of movement and maneuverability is exceptional and you simply can’t beat the price point.’

As to the ‘price point,’ Bard is pointing out that the AutoVac system costs as much as 90 percent less than a conventional automatic scrubber. Additionally, Bard says, only one of the 50 AutoVacs they have purchased has ever experienced any downtime, and that was attributed to user error.

The machine’s nimbleness also proved to be a big advantage a few years back. ‘When the economy took a dive, we started taking on smaller locations,’ says Bard. ‘The AutoVac is perfect for these [smaller locations] because we can use it in places where not only could we not use an auto-scrubber…we would have no place to store one even if we could.’

He also points out that the machine has proven very effective at cleaning the four or five commercial kitchen floors his staff maintains. ‘We never use mops when using the AutoVac and even on greasy and oily kitchen floors, we don’t even need a deck brush…the machine does all the work.’

And according to Bard, the AutoVac system has been nothing less than a ‘godsend’ during the cold winter months when it comes to removing the snow melt that is walked-in on his customers’ hard surface floors.

‘We [previously mopped] floors two or three times [per day] to remove all the salt—that takes a lot of time. Now, just one pass with the AutoVac and the salt is gone, the haze is gone, the floor looks great, and we’re done. That’s the kind of machine that has helped us build Jancoa to what it is today.’

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