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Portable Dispensing Unit

Portable Dispensing Unit

Part Number: PDUNITK

Turn any Kaivac Chemical Bottle into a Portable Dispenser

The Kaivac Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU) is a low cost, easy to use chemical proportioning system that provides accurate dilution control anywhere there’s a faucet with standard garden hose threading.

Simply attach the Portable Dispensing Unit to a Kaivac chemical bottle and connect it to any water source with a standard garden hose. Then, turn on the water and place the PDU fill hose in spray bottles, mop buckets, Kaivac innovative floor care systems, autoscrubbers and more. No more manual mixing, measuring or unsafe chemical exposure. And, with a two-gallon (eight liters) per minute flow rate, it makes short work of dispensing precise dilutions of cleaning chemicals for any application.

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Works with any Kaivac chemical in gallon bottles:

KaiBosh™ - concentrated no-rinse Hospital Use disinfectant cleaner for COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Norovirus, Bird & Swine Flu and more.

KaiO™ - combines orange oil with hydrogen peroxide to make an environmentally-responsible, multipurpose pH neutral cleaner. KaiO is certified by Green Seal.

KaBlooey™ - high performance restroom cleaner that contains a blend of fast-acting mild acids to de-scale mineral deposits and remove soap scum.

KaiPow™ - general purpose degreaser that rapidly penetrates oils, greases, fats, and soils. Perfect for kitchens, food processing and industrial facilities.

Kaivac Neutral Floor Cleaner - pH neutral daily cleaner that's tough on soil but gentle on floors and finishes. 


  • Two-gallon (eight liters) per minute flow rate 
  • Accurate dilution control built-in
  • Robust materials withstand chemical exposure
  • Turn water on and off at the unit
  • Ergonomically designed for safety and productivity with one-handed operation
  • Specially designed squeeze trigger helps eliminate hand fatigue
  • No mounting required
  • Allows the use of super concentrates instead of ready-to-use for maximum savings

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  • Kaivac Portable Dispensing Unit

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