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Gatling Gun™ Grouter

Gatling Gun Grouter

Part Number: TURBOTL

Low-Cost high-speed rotary nozzle delivers the power of a truck mount on a portable 500 psi Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system.

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The Gatling Gun™ Grouter features a high-speed rotary nozzle that delivers the power of a truck mount on a portable 500 psi Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system. High-pressure water from the KaiVac rotates the rapid fire nozzle to deep clean tile floors, loosening up years of built up and embedded soils, while the integrated vacuum capability simultaneously removes and captures the soils and solution. Grout lines are returned to their original color and floors are virtually void of soils and left spotless.

These features make the patent-pending Gatling Gun Grouter ideal for restroom and kitchen cleaning, cleaning baseboards, stairwells and wall surfaces, stripping – even carpet spotting - and much more. The patent-pending combination of rotary nozzle and extraction capability blasts and removes embedded soils without rigorous manual brushing and harsh chemicals.  The results are floors and other surfaces that have been thoroughly cleaned and restored to their original and healthy condition.

Generally, these capabilities are only delivered by bulky, expensive truck mounts and single-purposed machines. This makes the Gatling Gun Grouter perfect for Building Service Contactors to offer additional tile and grout cleaning/restoration services at a fraction of the cost. In-house cleaning staff will benefit as well by being able to maintain their tiled floors and keep them in like-new condition without having to outsource work or buy expensive single-purposed machines.

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