Floor Care Expert Leon Fields Retires

by | Jun 7, 2022

After almost 25 years with Kaivac and Valley Janitor Supply, Senior Technical Advisor and floor care expert Leon Fields retired at the beginning of June. He will spend his retirement years in Florida with his wife, Maureen. You can catch up on Leon’s best trade secrets in our past blogs.

Blogs featuring Leon Fields:

“Expertise and professionalism have been the hallmarks of Leon’s time with Kaivac and Valley Janitor Supply,” said CEO Bob Robinson, Sr. “All of Kaivac joins me in wishing Leon a happy retirement. He will be profoundly missed.”

Leon spent the beginning of his career in restaurant management then joined Valley Janitor Supply as a sales rep in September 1998. Valley Janitor Supply specialized in floor care and worked closely with the newly formed Kaivac, selling their innovative floor care systems. 

“When I started doing floor care, I liked the science of it. I liked the results of it,” said Leon. “When you take a floor that looks terrible, strip it all the way down, and get it looking good, then the rest of the business should be yours.”

Working with facilities of all types, Leon became indispensable to his customers by matching the needs of the facility to the right products. He also brought customer feedback to Kaivac, helping to inform existing product improvements and drive new product development. Leon strove to work with integrity and improve the lives of professional cleaners with effective equipment.

“We’re talking about a piece of equipment that can change the life of a custodian,” said Leon. “You can get them off their hands and knees, give them the dignity to clean restrooms without being put in a disgusting position. We raise the dignity of the worker.”

Kelly writes about cleaning management and building health for a myriad of outlets. As a freelance writer and PR specialist, she has contributed to the conversation about professional cleaning for over 10 years.
Kelly Robinson
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