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The 4 Worst Things about Maintaining Hard Flooring

by | Jan 10, 2022

Maintaining hard flooring can be daunting and unpleasant task, especially with the varied and complex workload many maintenance managers face. And let’s face it – maintaining hard floors can be, well, hard. Labor shortages in the face of keeping up with cleaning schedules don’t make it any easier. Here are the four worst things about maintaining hard surface floors, and some solutions to those problems.

1. Keeping High Traffic Floors Clean

From the moment the doors open in the morning, you know that the soil is coming. What’s less clear is how to manage labor to keep your hard floors clean while juggling all other daily tasks. Different types of flooring present different challenges. Some of the more common are:

  • Grouted tile that traps soil and bacteria in the grout lines, making it difficult to remove
  • High traffic entryways that accumulate especially large amounts of soil
  • Kitchen surfaces that are more prone to spills and grease

No matter the surface, if the soil load is not fully removed by the end of the day, floors can deteriorate.

The Kaivac AutoVac Stetch is easier to operate than many traditional autoscrubbers It can clean up to 25,000 square feet per hour, and uses less water and chemicals. However, AutoVac Stretch still removes 99.8 percent of targeted soils from virtually any hard floor surface. Therefore, it saves you time and money without sacrificing effectiveness.

For tighter spaces such as kitchens or restrooms, Kaivac offers the UniVac, which allows you to easily dispense cleaner, as well as scrub and vacuum floors and grout lines. The compact and nimble unit leaves floors up to sixty times cleaner than traditional mops.

2. Worrying about Slips, Falls and other Injuries From Wet or Dirty Floors

Many popular methods for maintaining hard floors leave them wet for roughly a half-hour afterwards, therefore leaving them unsafe. In addition, accidents and spills during the day can also create unsafe conditions. Do you shut down those areas from use? Or do you allow people to pass, hoping that they see the wet floor sign and take caution? As bad as it is to worry about a slip-and-fall accident, dealing with the aftermath of one is even worse. And don’t forget injuries associated with cleaning floors. Did you know that mopping is one of the leading causes of cleaning-related injuries in the workplace? That’s a lot of risk for a less-effective clean.

Because of its high-powered vacuum technology, The AutoVac Stretch leaves floors completely dry after cleaning. Plus, it provides the versatility to easily and safely clean and dry unexpected spills throughout the day within minutes.

3. Scheduling, Stripping, and Recoating Hard Floors

When daily hard floor maintenance is not up to snuff, soils become embedded. Unfortunately, the process of removing the embedded soils is usually abrasive and often removes or degrades the finish. This often leads to floors needing to be prematurely stripped and recoated. If it’s difficult to find time for routine maintenance, it can be even harder to find time to strip and recoat floors.

You can streamline the process by stripping and recoating your floors the Kaivac way. Our trolley bucket paired with an ergo speed spreader makes quick work of easily applying stripper solution to the floor. After agitating, it’s easy to remove the slurry and apply a quick rinse and dry with the AutoVac Stretch. Then follow up once more with the trolley bucket and spreader to easily and evenly apply the new coat to your floor.

4. The Cost of Replacement of Hard Flooring

Think the cost of maintaining hard floors is high? Consider the cost of floor replacement. When wear and tear, often from poor maintenance and cleaning practices, damage the flooring surface itself, it’s time for a flooring replacement. Hopefully you have replacement funds in your budget, but necessary replacements don’t always align with the projected schedule. Then you have to calculate the costs and find the funds – which is never pleasant or easy.

Isn’t the investment of time and resources in routine maintenance worth it considering the minimized risk of costly replacement?  Especially when Kaivac’s line of floor care equipment makes it easy and effective at a fraction of the cost of autoscrubbers.

Kaivac Makes it Better

Make at least one part of your job easier and take the headache out of hard floor maintenance with Kaivac. Find out how Kaivac floor cleaning systems save labor, ensure efficiency, and improve safety for maintenance workers and building occupants alike.


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