Old Dog Learns New Tricks: The Pet Hospitals Upgrade Their Cleaning Routine with Kaivac’s OmniFlex Spray-and-Vac

By Amy Milshtein

Old Dog Learns New Tricks: The Pet Hospitals Upgrade Their Cleaning Routine with Kaivac’s OmniFlex Spray-and-Vac

Chris Henderson had a problem. As Chief Operating Officer of The Pet Hospitals in Memphis, TN, he just oversaw a successful rebranding and renovation of their seven full-service veterinary clinics. The new look and homey feel was a hit with clients but staff at their Downtown location voiced a major complaint: it was nearly impossible to clean the kennel area.

Pristine kennels are paramount to dog health. Unsanitary conditions can lead to disease like Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and more. At the very least, messy kennels look bad, smell worse and put off potential clients. Staff at the Downtown location were trying, but a lack of floor drains complicated the task.

"They were doing the best they could with mops and a shop vac," remembers Henderson. "But I knew we had to find a better solution."

Henderson turned to Kaivac and the OmniFlex Spray-and-Vac system. He was impressed by the system's speed and ease of use. "Efficiency is everything to me," he explains. "With the OmniFlex system one staff member can take a pet out for a walk while another cleans. By the time the pet comes back the kennel is clean, sanitized and dry."

In the year since purchasing the system the Downtown location reports less incidents of infection. And while customers had never complained about the look or smell of the kennel before they are now complimenting the space. Even if they see it first thing in the morning.

"I get nervous when a potential customer wants to tour the kennel first thing," Henderson admits. "But the OmniFlex lets staff clean and dry accidents quickly and completely."

Along with the OmniFlex's superior cleaning and drying capabilities, Henderson also appreciates the comprehensive training and customer service Kaivac provided his staff. "They spent two hours answering questions and showing us how to best use the machine in our setting."  

While initially purchased just to clean the kennel floors, walls and doors, the machine's compact size and easy maneuverability make the Omniflex perfect for other hospital areas as well. "Whenever or wherever there's a big accident staff immediately reach for the Kaivac system," Henderson says. "I had tunnel vision when I first purchased the product but it's become an integral part of the business."

The OmniFlex has performed so well that Henderson plans to purchase one for another clinic being built. "The veterinary industry should definitely consider using Kaivac," he says. "To give them two thumbs up would be an understatement."

Amy Milshtein

Amy Milshtein

Amy Milshtein covers design, facility management and business topics for a variety of trade publications and consumer magazines. 

Her work has won several awards, most recently a regional silver Azbee Award of Excellence.

She lives in Portland, OR with her family and Clyde, a 15-lb tabby cat. Once an avid hiker, these days she finds herself on the less-challenging -but-still-exciting 'creaky knees' trails.

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