How to Clean Large Mirrors in Fitness Studios

By Kim Syrios

How to Clean Large Mirrors in Fitness Studios

Cleanliness plays a significant role in the success of all fitness studios. In such a competitive climate, owners must maintain a spotless facility to attract and retain members. In fact, according to a survey from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, nine out of 10 consumers who perceive their club as extremely clean are likely to renew their membership. One area that is often overlooked, but essential to a club's aesthetic appearance, is the mirrors. Dirty, spattered mirrors not only decrease customer satisfaction, but also set a negative tone for the facility. How to clean large mirrors properly is often a pain point for many club owners. They can easily become streaked and cloudy if they're not washed properly. Below is a cleaning guide to keeping mirrors sparkling and clear.

Create a Schedule

Everyday staff might not be able to notice mirrors getting dirty over time. It's essential for fitness managers to create a regular mirror cleaning schedule. Members rely on mirrors to perfect their form and follow instructors, so it's essential to keep them looking their best. Bacteria and sweat can get lodged in the corners of the mirror and cause foul odors if left unattended. All mirrors should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. Train employees on how to clean large mirrors properly so that they do not have to waste time repeating the job.

Select a Solution

The best mirror cleaning solutions are surprisingly simple. Safe options to choose from include plain warm water, water mixed with white vinegar, water mixed with dish detergent or a Green Seal-certified glass cleaner. For mirrors with extra grime, using undiluted vinegar or detergent will help break through smudges and flecks to reveal a spotless shine.

Master the Method

Cleaning mirrors is easy: Simply hand an employee a spray bottle and paper towel, right? Wrong! This may work for small mirrors at home, but not for large fitness studio mirrors. Paper towels will leave streaks, smudges, and lint. Furthermore, this method is time-consuming, costly, and bad for the environment. Instead, opt to use a window squeegee. This method is not only easy and cost-effective, but also the best way to achieve streak-free results. Be sure to select a commercial-grade window squeegee with a high-quality rubber blade.

To begin, use a sponge or scrubber to wash the mirrors with the solution. Bacteria, sweat, and fingerprints easily build up, so it is essential scrub them away to protect the life of the mirror. Once the mirror is thoroughly washed, use the squeegee in a fluid, horizontal motion beginning from the top. Be sure to wipe excess liquid from the blade with a cloth after each stroke. Continue down the mirror in overlapping lines until the mirror is dry. The mirror should be streak-free if squeegeed properly. If any streaks are left behind, a handy trick is to use crumpled black-and-white newspaper to wipe them away.

By using the tips above, fitness managers can be sure their mirrors are always clean to reflect a positive, healthy atmosphere for their members.

To learn more about hygienic green cleaning, click here.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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