Tips to Tackle Spring Break Cleaning at Any School

By Kim Syrios

Tips to Tackle Spring Break Cleaning at Any School

Spring break, often referred to as "clean break" in the industry, is the perfect time to deep clean a school. This vacation period allows your staff to wash away sludge from winter, complete time-consuming projects, and evaluate work that needs to be accomplished over the summer. However, since the break is only a week, many facility managers find themselves scrambling to create a plan at the last minute. The following tips will help you create an efficient spring break cleaning schedule.

Create a Realistic Plan

The most important factor to ensure a successful week is to create a realistic, detailed cleaning plan at least a month in advance. Outline each project that needs to be completed and include a time line, the required cleaning gear, and staff assignments. Once your plan is complete, debrief and train your staff to ensure they are familiar with the equipment and procedures. This will enable them to get right to work as soon as school's out.

Conduct Inventory

Before break, it's also helpful to conduct a cleaning inventory. Check that the proper chemicals are stocked and that they are not expired. Evaluate all your equipment and check for maintenance issues that need to be addressed. There is nothing worse than having to delay projects because of problems that could've been fixed ahead of time. Further, thoroughly clean the janitorial closet and stock cleaning carts, as this will ensure that employees don't spend valuable time looking for supplies.

Target Touch Points

Unwanted germs and bacteria thrive in high-touch areas—researchers at the University of Arizona found that the germiest places in schools include cafeteria tables, computers, water fountains, library tables, and bathroom surfaces.

Using a flat-surface cleaning system is an ideal way to quickly remove grime from tables and other flat surfaces. By combining microfiber, window squeegee, and chemical injection technology, your cleaning staff will be able to effortlessly complete the task. For irregular-shaped touch points such as door handles and keyboards, supply staff with cleaning wipes. Using fresh wipes for each area eliminates cross-contamination between surfaces.

Deep Clean Restrooms

Restrooms receive a lot of wear and tear throughout the school year. During spring break cleaning, it is important remove all dirt and grime by literally hosing them down.

The easiest, most hygienic way to do this is to use a no-touch cleaning system. These systems remove soil, bacteria, and other contaminants that a mop and bucket often leave behind. Workers simply spray cleaning solution throughout the restroom and blast the contaminants to the floor with a high-pressure water spray. The floor is then vacuumed dry to completely remove soil and bacteria.

Focus on Floors

School floors must be kept in optimal shape to protect students and staff from slips and falls. Clean floors also enhance the overall atmosphere and appearance of the school.

One common mistake that facility managers make is using the mop-and-bucket method to clean the floors. This method is both time consuming and labor intensive. A safer, more efficient way to clean floors is to use an autovac. It cleans and drys floors up to four times faster than mopping and actually removes the soils and bacteria.

With a detailed plan and the right tools, it's possible to complete all necessary cleaning projects during a week-long school break. The key is to create a plan and stick to it—follow these tips, and students and staff will return to a clean, sparkling school.

For more information on keeping your school clean, click here.

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