Concession Stand Tips: How to Clean during Shows and Sports Events

By Eric Michaels

Concession Stand Tips: How to Clean during Shows and Sports Events

Keeping a concession stand clean is no small task when you're located in a busy venue. While a steady stream of customers will help you maximize sales, the parade of people can quickly make a mess, too. Once you've cleaned everything up, the whole process repeats itself.

To give your operation the best chance at success, you need a cleaning system that is as nimble as it is effective. Here are some concession stand tips to make cleanup easier at your next event.

Have Fast Solutions Ready

Your customers may be neat on most nights, but all it takes is one dropped hot dog or spilled soda to ruin the counter and display at your stand. Have a system of microfiber towels and cleaning solution ready for minor messes caused by condiments or spilled drinks—remember, small problems can become major issues if your team does not attend to them quickly.

Observe Local Health Code Regulations

Health code violations can hit your operation hard, resulting in fines and potential closure for the worst offenses. Everything from garnishing drinks without gloves to running refrigerators at the wrong temperature can result in costly fines.

Stay up to date with the latest requirements and best practices so your cleaning team knows how to follow local health codes without interrupting the flow of business. Organize your business and cleaning system to account for relevant regulations.

Deal With Spills Instantly

Any list of concession stand tips must include hints on how to handle major spills. Standing liquids create potential for slips and falls by customers or employees, not to mention that they're unsightly and collect grime.

To keep your area clean while limiting the risk for lawsuits, create standard practices for spill removal. Start by vacuuming away liquid on the ground with a wet/dry vac, then apply a solution to dislodge any residue. After letting the solution soak, vacuum away the remains. This system is as quick as it is effective.

Prepare Full Sweeps Between Events

When you serve multiple crowds on a single day of events, your team will need a cleaning system that can handle every part of your stand between shows. Your equipment's versatility will be tested here, so use a cleaning system that can manage floor cleaning, counter touch-ups, and every other task. The right tools will help get your operation back to 100 percent in minutes. As you look into equipment, focus on solutions that can scale to your needs as your business grows and fluctuates.

These concession stand tips will help your cleaning team be prepared for the tough messes that come with rowdy crowds. Click here to find out more about cleaning systems that provide versatility and effectiveness in a compact package.

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