Juice Bar Cleaning Challenges

By Anne Baley

Juice Bar Cleaning Challenges

Busy juice and smoothie bars can be satisfying businesses to run, but they've got unique challenges when it comes to keeping them clean. The relatively small footprint of these shops can make for juice bar cleaning tasks that need to be repeated multiple times each day. And juice bars are becoming more popular as more people see the benefits of clean eating and healthy lifestyle choices. This is great for the bottom line, but can add more work for your cleaning staff.

It's a Food

Your only food containers may be disposable cups and lids, but smoothies and juices are still foods. This means you have to treat the prep and serving tools the same way any restaurant operation would. Cleaning and sanitation are crucial for making sure you serve a healthy beverage without any contamination. It may be tempting to simply rinse blender containers and leave them out to dry, but milk solids and sugars can begin to build up in crevices. Have enough spare blender containers and covers so you can thoroughly clean your tools between uses. You'll need a three-compartment sink and the correct cleaning chemicals.

Using Fruit

Fruit in juices and smoothies is used raw and should be cleaned and stored with care. The FDA recommends storing fresh fruit in a clean refrigerator at less than 40 degrees F and using a thermometer to monitor that temperature throughout the day. Always use a clean cutting board and knife when prepping fruit. Wash the fruit before cutting, as bacteria on the outer skin can contaminate the fruit inside. Don't use dish soap or detergent to clean the fruit; clean water is enough. Cut away and dispose of any spoiled parts of the fruit.

The Line Out the Door

It can be hard to keep your shop clean during busy times when the customers just don't seem to stop coming in. It can become a balancing act between cleaning and waiting on your customers, but it's one you have to master to prevent food-borne illness. Have your team practice cleaning tasks until they can do them quickly and efficiently, and keep extra crew on staff during the busiest times. Being busy is never an excuse for slacking on cleaning tasks; if anything, it's a reason to step it up and clean even more.

Those Busy Counters

Between fingerprints, spilled drinks, and money, busy juice bar counter tops become dirty, sticky, and covered in bacteria in very little time. If you're going to keep them clean without inconveniencing your customers any more than necessary, you'll need a quick and effective cleaning method. Use a cleaning system that includes a spray bottle of cleaning solution and a high-grade squeegee. Spray on the cleaner on a microfiber towel to apply to the surface. Then, use the squeegee to remove the moisture, dirt, and germs. You'll have a clean, dry surface in less than a minute.

Smoothie and juice bar cleaning can be tricky in what is likely a tight space, but with the right tools, your team is well-equipped to handle the challenge.

For more information on quick and efficient counter top cleaning, click here.

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