Furniture Store Cleaning: How to Keep Displays Looking Great

By Eric Michaels

Furniture Store Cleaning: How to Keep Displays Looking Great

Furniture stores sell an image and a lifestyle as much as tables and chairs. When customers enter a showroom, they try to imagine the display inside their homes, making store cleanliness a top priority for any operation. Doing the job right requires a specific approach along with advanced tools for custodians. Here's the path to better furniture store cleaning.

Unique Furniture Store Challenges

The vast showrooms and heavy foot traffic in furniture stores set these operations apart from other businesses. While laying out the square footage of a large electronics or grocery store is all about efficiency , the details matter more to customers when you're selling goods that define a home's decor. If customers find a bit of mud on the floor near an elegant display, or a coating of dust on a living room set, the chances of them buying these pieces drop.

Dealing with carpeting and upholstery can be tricky when you're showing off pieces with light-colored fabrics. Whenever possible, stick to darker tones for display sets so you can get more mileage out of the material. When you notice dirt or spots collecting on fabrics, you don't necessarily need a carpet and upholstery cleaner to make them right. Tools are available that multitask on floors, carpets, and couches, allowing your team to spot-clean as necessary. This versatility should always be a priority when investing in cleaning equipment.

Furniture Store Cleaning Best Practices

Full store cleanings involve covering a lot of ground. To make every inch shine, most stores rely on autoscrubbers. These devices are excellent at removing soils, but not so good at doing it within a tight budget or time frame. They also require extensive training, which makes them less viable in operations where there is regular employee turnover. To deliver the same standard of cleaning at a more affordable price, consider a battery-operated autovac that can match the soil removal of autoscrubbers.

For displays of tables, chairs, and other individual pieces, instruct custodians on the need for specialized microfiber towels and disposable wipes for frequent dusting and germ removal. Since your customers touch these items with their hands, every display becomes a place where germs are a factor. Custodians should always wipe down high-traffic displays before and after shifts using microfiber towels. In stores with slow times throughout the day, consider a spot cleaning to keep showrooms sparkling.

Your store can never be too clean when sales hinge on presentation. For the best furniture store cleaning system, turn to advanced tools that leave old rags and autoscrubbers behind. Click here to learn more about versatile cleaning equipment that delivers in every area of a furniture store.

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