Artful Washroom Cleaning at the Louvre

Artful Washroom Cleaning at the Louvre

The Louvre is known around the world as THE place to experience centuries of the human story unfold through the many forms of art on display. As you can imagine, the number of daily tourists can be quite a burden when trying to maintain a clean hygienic environment.

With such a reputation for excellence at the Louvre, Atalian knows simple encounters with visitors will leave lasting impressions. Atalian recently chose a more innovative washroom cleaning solution by selecting the OmniFlex Spray and Vacuum (OSV) from Kaivac. Their goal is to maintain a safe, clean environment for guests to the Louvre creating a positive experience that will last for a lifetime, especially as it relates to their washroom hygiene program.

Washrooms can be the source of up to 80% of building complaints from visitors to any facility let alone one held in such high esteem as the Louvre. So, Atalian turned to Kaivac for help. Kaivac is the leading provider of washroom cleaning solutions with its No Touch Cleaning™ machines. The Kaivac OSV provided Atalian a machine workers could use to clean the washrooms and other areas of the building in about half the time as they had been doing previously with more traditional, classic types of cleaning solutions. In addition, Kaivac machines remove over 30X more soil from surfaces than those traditional methods producing a much more hygienic result and reducing the likelihood for obnoxious odors that become bothersome to so many patrons.

The local quality, health and safety manager noted that his company is focused on introducing innovative solutions that produce the results clients in today's market demand. Atalian even has a dedicated innovation director responsible for identifying cleaning solutions which leverage its resources to provide the best quality services possible. "We knew Kaivac had good products," according to the manager, "but we needed a machine that was compact, easy and enjoyable for our employees to work with on a daily basis. We needed to be able to do more with less as the saying goes. We saw that Kaivac could help make that possible." According to Philippe Guerin of Osciclean, "Atalian staff were very enthusiastic about their new equipment. By the time I arrived, they had already assembled the machines and were ready for their training session."  As Kaivac's French distributor, Philippe knows their mandate is to raise the dignity and the morale of the cleaning professional. It made him feel good to experience this first hand.

The manager reinforced that the Louvre chose Atalian because it was willing to invest in cleaning technology that would exceed, not just meet, their service level expectations. He said, "Kaivac was a difference maker in setting us apart from the other candidates." Many international service providers recognize the time savings Kaivac equipment creates which can be used to reallocate or reduce labor activities and create a more sustainable operation. In the end, Kaivac has provided both the contractor and the client something it needs: repeatable outcomes, hygienic results, and cost effective sustainable solutions.

To learn more about Atalian and how it can support your facility maintenance needs, visit their website at If you would like to learn more about Kaivac products, please visit their website at

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