Large Event Cleaning for Restaurant Staff

By Anne Baley

Large Event Cleaning for Restaurant Staff

Large events can put extra stress on restaurant staffers. You'll be showcasing your business for hundreds of people who may never have seen it before, so it's natural to want to put your best foot forward. Plus, event cleaning can pay off in big dividends if you impress a guest looking for a future event venue.

Opportunities to shine exist both in the front and the back of the house. One great method is to arrange an overnight cleaning party so the staff has no other concerns while cleaning. If that's not possible, do the extra cleaning as close to the event as possible.

Kitchen Equipment

Though restaurant kitchens are cleaned every night, there are certain large jobs that get put off until a major cleaning day comes along. Change the oil in the fryers, and scrub the interior of the machines. Clean the inside of ovens; the difference in food taste may be small, but it will be the best your restaurant can offer. Clean out walk-in refrigerators and freezers, and organize the interior shelves. Things are bound to be hectic during a large event, so having logical storage will cut down on prep and cooking time.

Service pieces usually need some special attention. Almost every restaurant has dishes at the bottom of the stack that only get used during the busiest days of the year. Empty your storage shelves down to the bare shelving and clean the shelves thoroughly. Wash all the dishes, glassware, and utensils before putting them back on the shelves. This will eliminate avoidable mishaps such as a missed dirty plate that gets sent out during a rush.

Dining Room Floors

The days before a large event are the perfect time to do deep cleaning on the dining room floor. Pull any removable tables and chairs, and stack them out of the way. If you have carpeting on the floor, use a carpet extraction tool with a powerful vacuum to remove the most amount of dirt while leaving the carpet as dry as possible. Clean wooden floors with a gentle cleaner, then add a fresh layer of wax for a low gleam. For dining rooms with tile floors, use an autovac to remove all the dirt and bacteria that might be hiding in the grout. No matter what type of flooring you may have, take extra care to clean along the baseboards, under counters, and in dark corners. These are the easiest spots to overlook, but also ones that guests are bound to notice aren't as sparkling clean as the rest of the floor.

Small Items

Event cleaning isn't only concerned with large areas. When it comes to restaurant equipment, the smallest detail matters as much as anything else. Pay attention to the all those details your patrons might see and use. Wipe down menu covers, or create new ones just for the occasion. Clean all doorknobs, coat hooks, and windowsills in the building. Shine up those serving trays, and don't forget the bottoms—that's what the diners see most often. Freshen the vases or any other centerpiece materials you have, and make sure every piece of glass in the building is clean and streak-free.

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