Pet Store Cleaning: How to Cover Every Tough Task

By Eric Michaels

Pet Store Cleaning: How to Cover Every Tough Task

You face unique challenges when cleaning the premises of stores devoted to pet care. Between pet food, shedding, and the occasional accident, your cleaning crew has its work cut out for them To handle pet store cleaning efficiently, consider the tasks your team faces and the tools they'll need to cover each element of the job.

Challenges Inside Pet Stores

The typical pet store serves as a place for owners to stock up on food and other supplies for their pets, but the list only begins there. Pets for sale (especially when they're young) present an enormous problem for those tasked with keeping the premises clean and smelling fresh—as fresh as a pet store can smell, at least. These stores also serve as an informal social opportunity for pet owners and the furry friends that join them on regular visits.

The typical cleaning staff of pet stores will likely face these unique cleaning situations:

  • Cleaning up after pets. Cats and dogs may be easy to manage once they're properly trained for doing their business, but birds and rodents can give cleaning crews a heavy workload during and between store hours. Both visiting and in-house pets may also have the occasional accident, increasing the potential for slips and falls out on the sales floor.
  • Picking up crumbs from food. Whether you leave samples of treats for customers to feed to pets or they come in with their own, food on the ground complicates the cleaning process.
  • Identifying—and removing—pet hair from various sources. Visiting pets, along with those currently residing in the store, shed throughout the day. This requires more attention during allergy season.
  • Managing the regular debris brought in by customers. You can't forget about the usual dirt and waste customers track inside the store; the germs they leave on products and other touch points can fester, posing a problem for more sensitive animals over time.
  • Solving issues in the grooming department. If your store offers boarding and/or grooming services, hair control and quick-drying cleaning solutions are a must.

Preparing to Be Efficient

Faced with these challenges when cleaning the pet store, your custodial crew needs versatility that rags and mops can't always deliver. Spray-and-vac systems are the most effective at cleaning up after pets in kennels and cages, as this part of the job often involves the removal of more hazardous, stain-leaving soils. Keeping the cleaning system hands-free is also a must, whereas mops should be excluded in order to limit—if not eliminate—the potential for cross-contamination. The powerful integrated wet vacuum helps your team avoid the dangers of slip-and-fall accidents, as well.

When pet hair and food crumbs become a problem, the versatility of a dry vacuum comes in handy. At retail counters and other areas human customers frequent, make sure your team passes through regularly with disposable cleaning wipes. Remember that owners who are very close with pets can quickly become as dirty as their furry companions; rags have the same limitations as mops when to comes to removing this bacteria.

In pet store cleaning, prioritize versatility and thorough soil removal when shopping for a cleaning system. For more information on all-in-one multipurpose cleaning systems, click here.

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