Keep Your Convenience Store Clean with Less Hassle

By Anne Baley

Keep Your Convenience Store Clean with Less Hassle

Whether convenience store workers realize it or not, cleaning is an important responsibility and a major part of what they must do to keep customers happy and ensure the success of the business. A study reported in Convenience Store Decisions shows that the success of the store depends on this.

But traditionally, most jobs at convenience stores are entry level. Consequently, job turnover is typically high, and owners probably don't want to invest a lot of time training new staff in elaborate cleaning techniques. Tools have to be easy to use, yet effective enough to kill germs and keep stores thoroughly clean and safe.

So how do you choose the right cleaning equipment? Here are some tips.

Choose Tools for Multitasking

It's a better use of your money to buy cleaning equipment that can be used in multiple areas of your store. Floor cleaning tools should be effective for cleaning the restroom but also able to handle the heavy foot traffic at the front door. Cleaning solutions should be as effective at clearing the germs from the restroom sinks as they are at cleaning the front counter surface. Spending a lot of money on elaborate systems that only work on one portion of your store is a waste of money. A multipurpose spray-and-vac system that works in multiple places offers the best value.

Go for Ease of Use

Avoid having to train your employees in multiple store cleaning procedures. With the high turnover rate, that would mean a lot of training sessions! Tools and equipment that are easy and straightforward to use make the most sense, as the training on these tools will take up far less of your valuable time. New employees come on board with varying levels of cleaning experience, so it's best to start from scratch when training each one. Make sure you don't skip any important cleaning details by assuming they are something everyone should know.

Opt for Safety

Don't assume that an employee will use your tools and equipment in the safest way possible. Workers are in a rush, they get distracted, or they get careless. Opt for the safest cleaning supplies you can find. For example, choose a cleaning solution that's both effective and environmentally safe. Find a floor cleaning method that removes the soil and germs from your entire store, but leaves the floor dry to the touch to eliminate slip-and-fall dangers. Use different colored microfiber towels for cleaning different parts of the store to avoid cross-contamination. Above all, consider the worst-case scenario when purchasing any cleaning tool or solution, and decide which tool would be able to best tackle that situation.

For more information on Kaivac's multipurpose cleaning systems, click here.

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