Keeping Boardwalk Food Establishments Clean Amid the Sand and Surf

By Eric Michaels

Keeping Boardwalk Food Establishments Clean Amid the Sand and Surf

Running a concession stand or restaurant on the boardwalk is almost like inviting sand and salt into your business. Every time customers stroll in, they take some of the beach and salt water in with them. This situation leaves most business owners struggling to keep their enterprise clean and hygienic and keep up a nice appearance for their customers. Here are some tips on keeping boardwalk food establishments clean during the busy summer season.

Floor and Window Cleaning

Hopefully, a steady stream of customers is headed your way. They will be bringing with them dry sand from sandals, dirt from the streets, and sometimes the ocean itself, with water dripping from their bathing suits. It may only take one family to turn a clean floor into one in need of cleanup. When trying to keep your eatery neat, have a vacuum system at the ready to suck away all the pesky sand sticking to your floors.

Windows and glass doors also get soiled easily from customers opening and closing them all day. Squeegee systems are especially effective at removing the stains from glass surfaces in your shop. When cleaning glass or any surface in your establishment, the key is keeping the chances for cross-contamination to a minimum. Reusing rags and mops usually returns germs to the surfaces rather than removing them. Instead, clean with a system where you know you are not contaminating an area you hope to clean. This practice helps control the spread of germs between customers.

Better Cleaning in Boardwalk Food Establishments

For restaurant owners who have opened outposts at the beach, the challenges of cleaning the back of the house remain the same. Floor cleaning should always take into account the potential for slips and falls, the most common workplace accident. Safe food-handling practices are essential to insist upon from training throughout the course of employment—even with experienced crews behind the line.

Cleaning counter spaces, tables, and floors where patrons eat requires finesse when running a boardwalk food spot. Versatility is necessary to handle soda spills, ketchup stains, fallen food items, and other issues that come up during service. When you run an open-air business, you run the risk of birds flying in to snack when you don't clean food up in a timely fashion. Along with dry mopping and brooms, you need a wet vacuum cleaning system to manage cleanups without leaving the floors wet and slippery. Likewise, you need to regularly clean touch points in your business with wipes or towels designed for hygienic cleaning.

Although cleaning your restaurant in the busy season can seem like a tall order, solid preparation and close attention to the cleaning needs of your most heavily trafficked spaces will keep your boardwalk food establishments clean and busy all summer long. But if there are ever issues that planning and know-how can't handle, there are plenty of more advanced options available, even for business owners on a budget.

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