How to Keep Your Sorority House Clean

By Anne Baley

How to Keep Your Sorority House Clean

The average sorority house combines elements of a college dorm, a commune, an entertainment center, and a rooming house. While that might seem like a huge cleaning challenge, try to think of it as a large home and proceed from there. The cleaning jobs may be bigger, but they're similar to those you might find in any typical suburban home. The difference is that many sororities hold charity events and recruitment parties on a regular basis, so the public rooms in the house need to be immaculate at all times.

While the idea of 50 women living in the same building that you're charged with keeping clean may seem overwhelming, the task becomes much more manageable if you break it down. Here are some areas of focus for your cleaning crew to concentrate on.

Kitchen and Common Room Floors

With all the traffic going into and out of a sorority house year after year, it's tough to keep those floors gleaming. Tile floors may be easier to clean than carpeting, but then you have to contend with that curse of hard floors—black scuff marks. With so many women in heels walking in and out all day, scuff marks are basically unavoidable. And it's not just the rubber-soled shoes you need to worry about. Furniture, ladders, dollies, and anything else with a black rubber bottom designed to protect the floor can end up marking it up. To remove the smallest marks, use a pencil eraser or a kitchen Magic Eraser. For larger marks, cut an X into a tennis ball and push a broom handle into the opening. Then use the fuzzy ball as an eraser to remove the dark scrapes.


The restrooms get frequent use in a sorority house, and they require regular upkeep. Not only do you want to keep your sorority house bright and appealing, but there are also important public health issues to consider with all of those bodies under one roof. Keep in mind that it's easy for colds and the flu to be passed among large groups of people when there are germs transferred onto nearly every surface.

You can cut down on the spread of illness by keeping the fixtures (especially handles) in the restroom clean and germ-free, and the best way to do this is with the right tools. Regular rags and buckets tend to spread germs around, since the germs are deposited in the bucket but then get picked back up again on your cleaning rag. Cleaning sprays and paper towels do a better job, but there's an environmental concern with going through so many paper towels. The best technique is the eight-fold method with a microfiber towel. Fold it in half twice, creating a smaller square. By folding and turning the towel as you clean, you can can use a new square every time you move on to a new surface or fixture, decreasing the chances of spreading germs.

Drink Stains

We all know that parties and other functions mean spilled food and drinks. When drinks get spilled on light-colored carpet and furniture, it can be tough to get the stains out. As with many household stains, speed is your friend. The sooner you deal with a drink spill, the better chance you have of cleaning it completely away.

Blot the spill with a clean microfiber towel, and try to get the area as dry as possible. Never rub the spill, as that can set the stain into the fabric. Once you've blotted up as much of the drink as possible, pour a little fresh water on the stain to rinse it away. Blot the spill again. Do this once more if need be. If the stain isn't gone yet, mix a multipurpose cleaner into a gallon of water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, apply it to the stain and blot it. Cover the stain with a fresh, dry microfiber towel and place a heavy object on top. This will wick up any remaining moisture. Remove the towel in the morning. The stain should be completely gone.

For more information on cleaning large living areas, click here.

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