Patient Room Cleaning: How to Make Your Exam Rooms As Germ-Free As Possible

By Anne Baley

Patient Room Cleaning: How to Make Your Exam Rooms As Germ-Free As Possible

Yes, patients visiting a doctor's office tend to be sick. Your aim should be, in part, to not make them sicker. You also don't want to get well people sick when they're coming in for their physicals! That's why patient room cleaning to provide a safe and healthy environment for your patients is a top priority.

More people tend to visit the doctor near the end of the summer because of the rush of back-to-school physicals. This means that the occurrence of nosocomial diseases, illnesses that patients contract when they visit a hospital, are also on the rise. Alarming numbers of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, have been reported in the hew in the last few years. In an office dedicated to the health and well-being of patients, it is vital to carefully address patient room cleaning. Here are a few key areas to look at.

Exam Room Floors

Children crawl around, patients sneeze and cough, and everyone walks through any number of germs before settling in at the doctor's office. Exam room cleaning should always include a thorough cleaning of the floors. There's no time for patients to wait for a wet floor to dry between visits, so traditional mops and buckets are not a viable option. A floor cleaning system with an attached vacuum will clean the floor and remove all the moisture and bacteria living on it. Your floors will be clean and perfectly dry to the touch.

The Exam Table

All patients come in contact with this piece of equipment, so an astounding amount of germs are left behind on its surface. Disposable paper covers do certainly help matters, but the surface of the table still requires special attention between each patient. The quick job of wiping down the cushioned surface with disposable wipes soaked in a disinfectant cleaner according to the manufacturer's directions can stop the spread of disease among dozens of patients each day.

Other Touch Points

Here are some other areas that you may not have considered for frequent cleaning:

  • Exam room chairs. It's important to clean not only the chairs reserved for the patients, but also the doctors' chairs. The close quarters of an exam room mean that every piece of furniture could potentially be exposed to germs and diseases. So clean their chairs in addition to all the furniture and objects that your patients use.
  • Soap and hand sanitizer dispensers. Dirty hands touch these dispensers all day long, which means an unknown number of germs are just waiting to be spread to the next person who uses them. A quick wipe down with disposable wipes quickly takes care of the problem.
  • Doorknobs. Hands pass on more germs than any other body part, and dozens of hands touch your exam room's doorknobs every day. Wipe them clean with disposable wipes after every appointment.

For information on cleaning to prevent the spread of diseases, click here.

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