Porta Potty Cleaning: Tips and Best Practices

By Anne Baley

Porta Potty Cleaning: Tips and Best Practices

Cities across the country play host to concerts, fairs, rodeos, and other large-scale events. When thousands of people attend these outdoor gatherings, porta potties become a necessity. Unfortunately, porta potties have a reputation for being particularly dirty and dingy. These small, enclosed spaces create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, and, as such, they need to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs and illness. Here are some tips on porta potty cleaning.

The Tank

Before your team can clean your porta potties, they need to empty out the tanks. When performing this task, custodians must wear heavy-duty rubber gloves in order to ensure that their skin does not make any contact with soils. Your team should start by inserting the designated hose into the holding tank. Then, they should hold the nozzle in place while they turn on the suction. Once the tank is dry, they should turn off the suction and remove the nozzle.

Interior Surfaces

The interior walls, ceiling, and doors of a dirty porta potty could be smeared and stained with soil, dirt, and sand. Your team should start the cleaning process by tackling these interior surfaces. As these areas are heavily soiled, custodians should use an advanced spray-and-vac system for the best results. When cleaning with this technology, custodians should start by using the low-pressure spray mode to apply the diluted cleaning solution to the walls, ceiling, and doors. Then, they should switch to the powerful high-pressure fresh water rinse to blast soils off the surface. Once the soil has been removed, your team can vacuum the floor dry.

Touch Points

When cleaning these high-traffic facilities, it's important to focus on the touch points, such as door latches and hand sanitizer dispensers. Your custodians should start by spraying a cleaning solution onto each surface, which will help to break down the soil. Your cleaning crew can then use a rag or towel to wipe these surfaces down, but it's essential that they use the eight-fold method when cleaning with these tools.

In accordance with the eight-fold method, custodians should fold a clean rag over twice, creating a smaller square. After they have cleaned the initial touch point with one side of the rag, they should turn the rag over and use the other side. If there are additional surfaces that still need to be cleaned, your cleaning crew should turn the rag inside out and refold it when both sides are soiled. This method provides your team with eight different clean surfaces to wipe your touch points, which prevents the possibility that they will transfer soil onto a clean surface. To make this technique easier, your team can use a numbered microfiber towel, which has markings on both sides that indicate which part of the towel to use next.

Final Details

It's the last little details that distinguish your porta potties from those provided by other companies. You should always place fresh rolls of toilet paper into each holder, and include spare rolls, as well. In addition, you should make sure that your team refills your hand sanitizer dispenser frequently, as this will help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

For more tips on porta potty cleaning, click here.

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