Cleaning a Changing Table in Public Restrooms

By Eric Michaels

Cleaning a Changing Table in Public Restrooms

Nowadays, most women's restrooms and family restrooms include baby changing stations. When cleaning your facilities, your custodial team must handle this area carefully, because any remaining germs and bacteria can be hazardous for babies who are changed on the table. But these areas pose a major challenge for your cleaning crew, because they have a high potential for bacteria transfer. Here are some tips on cleaning a changing table quickly and effectively.

Cleaning Challenges

Multiple diaper changes take place daily in the high-traffic public restrooms located in airports, bus terminals, train stations, amusement parks, beaches, and family restaurants. If patrons do not take proper caution when handling and disposing of soiled diapers and baby wipes, they can spread germs and bacteria throughout your entire restroom facility.

General restroom hazards also come into play in this scenario. When people walk into your restroom and wash their hands in preparation of changing a diaper, they may be exposed to dangerous bacteria that has built up on major touch points, such as faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel holders, throughout the day. This creates the potential for the patron to transfer any bacteria to the changing area, and this spreading of germs could then lead to sickness for any baby placed on the table.

Cleaning a Changing Table Effectively

Cleaning any high-traffic restroom effectively requires diligence and thoroughness, as germs and soil collect throughout the day on toilets, stall doors, and other touch points. In order to maintain a desired level of cleanliness on your changing table, you must ensure that your team periodically deep cleans your entire restroom as a whole, because there is a high potential for bacteria transfer. As thorough soil removal is essential in this situation, your custodial crew should avoid using traditional cleaning tools, like mops and rags, which can lead to dangerous cross-contamination.

By using a spray-and-vac system, your custodians can clean the entire restroom area quickly and effectively. They can also use this more advanced system to clean your baby changing station. Your team should start by applying the diluted cleaning solution to the entire changing table and surrounding floor using the low pressure hose. Then, they should use the powerful rinse of clean water to wash the soils loose. Lastly, they should vacuum the changing table and surrounding floor. This process will leave the entire area clean and dry, preventing the risk for slip-and-fall accidents.

For more information on restroom cleaning, click here.

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