School Floor Cleaning: Best Practices for the Academic Year Ahead

By Eric Michaels

School Floor Cleaning: Best Practices for the Academic Year Ahead

A high-traffic school can be a breeding ground for germs. As such, before the new academic year starts, you should consider the effects that a better cleaning system can have on your school's reputation and fiscal health. By striving to keep your facilities as clean as possible from the start to end of the academic year, you can reduce the spread of germs and illness. Here's an overview of the best practices for school floor cleaning.

How Poor Floor Cleaning Impacts Schools

Before the new school year starts, you should evaluate whether or not your team is using the most effective methods to clean the floors throughout your facility. If your custodians are using a traditional mop and bucket, they are not removing all of the bacteria present on these surfaces. In fact, these outdated cleaning tools are a major source of cross-contamination. This spreading of bacteria can lead to an increase in absences due to illness, which can impact the performance of individual students and your school as a whole.

School Floor Cleaning: Best Practices

In an effort to prevent this cross-contamination, your custodial team should use more advanced cleaning technology, such as spray-and-vacuum systems. In cleaning tests, these systems were able to remove over 99 percent of targeted bacteria.

When using a spray-and-vac, your custodians should start by applying the cleaning solution to the floor with the low-pressure hose. Then, they should use the powerful rinse of clean water to wash the soils loose. This pressure washer can even remove the soil lodged in tight places, such as grout lines. After the soil removal process is complete, your cleaning team should vacuum the floor dry, which will prevent the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Spray-and-vac systems are ideal for cleaning the floors in classrooms, restrooms and locker rooms.

However, there are better alternatives for cleaning the floors in larger spaces, such as long hallways and auditoriums. While both autoscrubbers and AutoVacs can effectively remove bacteria from the hard floors in these areas, the latter is a more efficient and cost-effective option.

Before the new school year begins, you should assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current cleaning system. If your custodial team is still using ineffective mops or time-draining autoscrubbers, you should plan ahead and invest in other options that won't drain your service budget.

Click here for more information on how to Start Clean and Stay Clean this school year.

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