Summer Camp Bus Cleaning

Summer Camp Bus Cleaning

Campers are notorious for leaving a mess on the bus that takes them to camp and transports them to and from different activities. By the end of the day, the seats and floors on your bus are probably covered with everything from tracked-in grass and sand to smears of sunscreen and mud. As such, cleaning these vehicles quickly and effectively on a daily basis can pose a major challenge. But, by using the right tools and methods, you can ensure that your bus cleaning process is easy and thorough.

Cleaning in the Right Order

If your team cleans the different sections of the bus in the wrong order, they can end up creating even more work for themselves. The most efficient process is one in which your custodians begin at the top of the bus and work their way down. This will allow the soil that they clean from higher areas to fall onto surfaces that are still dirty. If they worked in the opposite order, they would run the risk that this falling soil would contaminate seats or floors that they had already cleaned. Furthermore, it's better for your team to work from the back of the bus to the front of the bus, because then they will not have to walk over freshly cleaned floors, and they can take their cleaning equipment down the main staircase when they're done using it.

Removing Solid Soil

From forgotten socks to sand and dirt, you can find an amazing variety of solid soil in a camp bus. You should instruct your teams to begin their bus cleaning process by sweeping the ceiling and walls with a lightweight broom to remove sand and dirt that may have been transferred there. Afterward, they should use a duster and dust pan to brush off the seats, including the hard-to-reach areas, such as the space between the cushion and the back of the seat.

They should finish by sweeping the floors. When they clean this area, it's important to make sure that they cover all of the corners, underneath the seats, and in the cracks between the central mat and the seat. In an effort to prevent cross-contamination, custodians should sweep the soil into a dustpan and transfer it into a trash can.

Cleaning Surfaces

Once your team has removed the solid dirt and trash from the bus interior, they will have to tackle the surfaces. In most cases, they'll have to remove residue and stains from greasy foods, mud, sunscreen, lip balm, and craft supplies. Traditional cleaning tools, like mops and rags, will not clean these areas thoroughly and may actually spread the soil and bacteria around. Instead, they'll want to use microfiber towels for touch point areas.

In an effort to prevent cross-contamination, your teams should use a spray-and-vac system to get the entire bus interior clean. You can park the system outside of the bus and use the long spray line and vacuum hose to reach all of the areas inside that need to be cleaned. When cleaning with these advanced systems, your team should use the low-pressure spray to distribute a cleaning solution onto the desired surfaces. Then, after about 10 minutes have passed, they should use the high-pressure spray to rinse all of the areas where the cleaning solution was applied, from walls and vinyl seats to the floor. Finally, they should use the vacuum to suck up all the water from the floor, which will leave the surface clean and dry.

For more information on multipurpose cleaning, click here.

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