Nightclub Cleaning: How to Make a Dance Floor Look Like New

Nightclub Cleaning: How to Make a Dance Floor Look Like New

If you're in charge of nightclub cleaning, you know how many challenges you face. Between scuff marks from shoes, spilled drinks, and anything else that hits the deck during a busy night, your team needs a powerful solution to restore your dance floor's sparkle. In addition, you need a system that works fast and is easy enough for new employees to handle. Here's some advice on cleaning up after big weekends at the club.


Removing the Grime


When the music's over, a club's dance floor presents a hefty challenge for your crew in terms of soil removal. Custodians may encounter cigarette butts, sugary margaritas, red wine, and beer all mixed in with the standard floor grime. When your dance floor is made of wood or another sensitive surface, you don't want to attack the floors with harsh scrubbers or abrasive chemicals because it will shorten the useful life of the floor.


Instead, custodians should deploy an effective but gentle cleaning system capable of dislodging any soils that remain after a big weekend at the club. The most well-known floor cleaning system is the effective but expensive floor autoscrubber, but they can be very harsh on floors, especially if they're constructed from wood. If you're tired of the maintenance costs and complexities of autoscrubbers, there are simpler solutions available.


Simplifying Nightclub Cleaning


The challenges of cleaning a nightclub become more complicated when you consider the odd hours of custodians. Realistically, finding and keeping employees to work the graveyard shift cleaning your club is hard. Your best bet is to keep it simple.


Kaivac's AutoVac floor cleaning system is a simple machine with detachable parts that allows your crew to get started fast. The AutoVac's automated chemical injection and a fresh water supply beat autoscrubbers in cleaning effectiveness, so your crew doesn't have to sweat it when they encounter the muck from a particularly wild weekend. You'll also save them a headache when time is of the essence. The AutoVac cleans 20,000 square feet in an hour and doesn't require trail mopping, which is particularly useful for larger clubs with expansive dance floors. When you're facing a big job in the early hours of the morning, but you still want to match an autoscrubber's effectiveness, a fast-working, easy-to-use cleaning system is key.



Suctioning for Safety



Finally, nightclub managers have to be concerned with the safety of guests and staff, which means you need to get your floor dry before patrons enter the club. The AutoVac is your best bet because it removes contaminated soils from the flooring, leaving them not only clean, but almost instantly dry. By the time you need to open for a night of dancing, the powerful vacuum suction has left the floor safe for customers.


As with other Kaivac OmniFlex products, the AutoVac works in many other areas of your establishment with just a few different pieces that easily connect to the base. It can be tranformed into a hands-free cleaning system for the restrooms and to a powerful, safe option for cleaning kitchens and other flooring surfaces within clubs. Wherever you need powerful help in nightclub cleaning, Kaivac has a simple, cost-effective answer for your business.


For more information about Kaivac's OmniFlex systems, click here.

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