Office Spring Cleaning: How to Make Your Workplace Sparkle

Office Spring Cleaning: How to Make Your Workplace Sparkle

The snow is long gone, and your winter coats are packed away. This means that it's finally time for office spring cleaning. Here are the steps you should take to get rid of all the excess dirt and soil that accumulated during the long winter months.




Though you probably mopped up your office floor throughout the past few months, it's most likely covered with a layer of salt, dirt, and sand tracked in from the outside. The center of the floor may look clean, but the edges of the room are probably dull and gritty. If you used a traditional mop and bucket to clean these floors during the winter, you've unknowingly spread the dirt around in a nice, even layer. You can loosen and completely remove any salt or dirt by using a dispense-and-vac system. These machines allow you to easily apply a cleaning solution to your entire floor, including difficult spots like edges and corners. Unlike traditional cleaning tools, dispense-and-vac systems remove all soil and moisture and leave your floor completely dry.




When you take a good look at your office windows, you'll be surprised at how much dirt has accumulated due to inclement weather. Every snowflake is formed around a tiny speck of dust, and these dust particles attach themselves to your window, which creates a layer of film across the surface. You can clean your windows properly by using a good cleaning solution and a heavy-duty squeegee to remove all of the dirt and moisture. By spending a few minutes cleaning your office windows, inside and out, you can make a huge difference in the level of light in your office.




There's something about cold weather that leads people to hoard things, perhaps because no one wants to make extra trips out into the cold to throw things away in the dumpster. For whatever reason, your office is probably filled with old projects, discarded advertising pieces, and broken things that will never get fixed. You should get serious about cleaning this clutter and clearing out your office for good. If there's an item that no one has used for the last month, and it's not slated to be used soon, you should get rid of it. You should pile up the refuse on carts and haul them away to the dumpster or recycling center. Your office spring cleaning session may even leave you with lots of new work space (once it's clean and dusted, of course).


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