Cleaning College Dining Halls: Your Checklist for Success

Cleaning College Dining Halls: Your Checklist for Success

While students do not expect five-star cuisine when they enter college dining halls, they do expect a clean environment for meals in between classes. But since so many students shuttle through these dining halls each day, it is difficult for custodians to maintain high sanitation levels. Here's how to handle dining hall cleaning efficiently.



It is important to deal with spills as quickly as possible when your team has a whole dining hall to clean. This challenge extends from the kitchen to the dining room tables. Both your staff preparing meals in the kitchen and the students eating them in the dining area can drop food or spill drinks. Mops are inadequate in these situations because they only remove some soils and often result in wet floors.


Your ultimate floor-cleaning solution should remove grease and soils without leaving the floors slippery. As with mops, autoscrubbers won't fit the bill in this setting. Instead, consider systems that clean like an autoscrubber while drying fast. Cordless floor-cleaning machines, like Kaivac's OmniFlex AutoVac Battery, are designed for this purpose. They work well between and around tables and chairs, and there is no risk of anyone tripping over the equipment or cord.


Dining Room Tables and Service Stations

Many college dining halls are made up of various stations that offer different cuisines. In these situations, you should be wary of any spillage that can result from the transfer of food from the kitchen to each station. Additionally, your team must be sure to keep serving spoons and surfaces clean. Since deep cleaning is normally impossible during service hours, try to prevent cross-contamination by making sure that rags are not being reused.

Custodians face a similar problem when cleaning the tables where students eat. Sometimes students leave trays and drinks on these tables. A fast busing system should be put in place to remove these items as quickly as possible. Periodically, custodians should make a sweep to clean tables. Rags, which spread germs across surfaces, don't work here. With the KaiFly system, which combines a squeegee with microfiber technology, you can achieve quick and hygienic surface cleaning.



Finally, your custodial team must tackle the restroom when cleaning college dining halls. Time is always of the essence when dealing with such a high-volume setting, but you can make sure your team is cleaning effectively with the right approach. For starters, remember the importance of cleaning the sinks. Soap dispensers and faucets are known as a major place for bacteria transfer.


Of course, soil removal in and around the toilets is just as crucial. It is important to understand that mops and rags cannot remove the soils on toilets and the surrounding floors. These old-fashioned tools only move the soils around on the surface that you're cleaning and transfer the soils on to the other areas where the mop or rag may be used. Only a spray-and-vac system guarantees soil removal in this bacteria-prone setting.


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