Spring Cleaning Techniques to Brighten Your Business

Spring Cleaning Techniques to Brighten Your Business

In much of the United States, winter means an extra layer of salt and grime is continually tracked into your building, making it hard to keep it clean. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's time to think about doing some spring cleaning to renew your floors and other surfaces. Choose a time before or after work when everyone can be on hand, and have a cleaning party to brighten up your business's interior. Once you remove the layers of salt, dirt, and fingerprints, you'll be left with a fresh, lively look that customers and employees alike will love.


Deep Cleaning the Floors

Your floors are the hardest part of your establishment to keep clean during the winter, so they're the most in need of spring cleaning once the weather breaks. Even if you've kept up a good rotation of changing out the mats and cleaning your floors frequently, it's easy for salt and grime to work their way into the corners and stay there. Remove all the tables, chairs, and serving stations from the room, and clean the floors from back to front, so you don't have to step on areas you've just cleaned. Mops and buckets won't work for an intense job like this?when you dip your mop into the bucket of cleaner, the dirt on the mop rinses off into the water. You've just created a solution of soil, salt, and germs that the mop will spread over the entire floor. The best way to get your floor truly clean and dry is to use Kaivac's OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac. This powerful system spreads a cleaning solution over the soiled floor, which loosens the dirt. Then a vacuum removes the moisture and dirt, leaving the floors completely clean and dry.


Wiping Down Doors and Windows

Glass cleaner and rags only work so well on commercial windows, especially when they're constantly in contact with dirty hands and gloves. Instead, clean your glass using Kaivac's KaiFly. Simply spray cleaning solution onto a microfiber pad and then apply it to the window. The commercial-grade squeegee then finishes the job by simultaneously removing soils and drying surfaces in one swipe.


Cleaning Door Frames and Handles

You'd be surprised to find out how much grime people kick onto your door frames throughout a winter season. Customers use door frames to knock mud and snow off their boots, leaving salty slush behind to dry. Wet gloves are great for adding a coat of dirt to every door handle in your building. Start by hosing down your doors to get the worst of the dirt off, then use a good commercial cleaner and a SmartTowel to go over them thoroughly.

With the right tools and the right techniques, your business will be ready for spring in no time.


For more information on deep cleaning your floors and more, click here.

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