Fast Food Restaurant Cleaning: How to Be Quick and Effective

Fast Food Restaurant Cleaning: How to Be Quick and Effective

Fast food restaurant cleaning has to be fast, efficient, and ongoing, mirroring the nature of the business itself. Constant orders at drive-through windows and at the counter can overwhelm employees if they don't have the right tools to clean quickly and effectively. Here are some tips on keeping your restaurant a clean place to dine with any volume of customers.


Behind the Counter: Best Practices

Cleaning kitchen floors properly is the key to preventing the many of slip-and-fall accidents that take place in restaurants every year. To get your floor clean and safe for your employees, your team has to remove the food particles and grease that hit the ground during service. To tackle jobs like these quickly, Kaivac's OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system for food service is the tool of choice.


The Dispense-and-Vac's spigot throttle helps regulate the amount of solution that is dispensed so that no excess is used. With this approach, you are assured that your custodians are cleaning for health. A vacuum removes the cleaning solution along with contaminants, so the drying time is faster than with mops and buckets. That means the floors are both cleaner and safer.


Soda dispensers, computer keyboards, and fast food counters present a different sort of challenge. These touch points require Kaivac's SmartTowels and KaiWipes, tools that clean effectively without cross-contaminating the service areas that employees use every shift.


Front of House: First Impressions

The other half of fast food restaurant cleaning involves the areas of customer access: tables, condiment stations, and bathrooms. Spills on the front-of-house floors require immediate attention from your staff, since slip-and-fall accidents can endanger customers and potentially lead to lawsuits.


Even without the risk of legal action on your plate, the cleanliness of your restaurant determines how well your business does. The majority of diners will not return to a restaurant they consider dirty in any way. This means it's important for your team to address spills and messy tables immediately. SmartTowel technology allows your staff to clean without confusing a dirty rag with a clean one. Disposable wipes are useful tools when you have to act quickly to address touch points like condiment stations and soda machines.


As for the small restrooms in fast food restaurants, add the optional OmniFlex Pump System to the Dispense-and-Vac to create a powerful spray-and-vac system. The risk of cross-contamination is at its highest in restrooms, making mops and rags not just ineffective, but actually dangerous for customers. Performing quick cleaning missions in areas like these is essential in such a fast-paced operation.


To handle fast food restaurant cleaning quickly and effectively, you need the right tools at your disposal. Kaivac's OmniFlex system allows your team to clean for health without a big investment in time or money.


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