Office Desktop Cleaning to Avoid Workplace Sickness

Office Desktop Cleaning to Avoid Workplace Sickness

Illness seems to come in waves in most offices?once one person gets a sniffly nose or hacking cough, everyone else catches the same thing. Close working conditions contribute mightily to this problem, but getting sick along with your coworkers doesn't have to be a guarantee. A regular office desktop cleaning routine can help you avoid it. Most cold and flu viruses are passed by touching infected objects and then touching your face, rubbing your eyes, or otherwise introducing the virus into your system. If you're working with dozens of sick people who continually sneeze into your environment, you may get sick no matter what, but there are some techniques you can use to lower your chances of catching the latest office malady.


Washing Your Hands

This may seem basic, but proper hand washing can cut down on a large percentage of the germs transferred into your system. This doesn't mean a quick pass underneath the faucet, followed by a wipe on your pants leg. Sanitary hand washing includes warm water and plenty of soap. Wash your hands for at least 20 second to kill the germs, getting in between the fingers and the backs of your hand. You can time this by singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" or the "Happy Birthday" song twice, or time your own using a section of a favorite song.


Cleaning Your Desk

Drinking extra water is great for staying healthy, but not if you keep refilling the same cup over and over without washing it. Put your cup or mug in some hot water and soap at the end of your shift so you'll have a clean, germ-free cup to use the next morning. Leaving it overnight or longer can encourage bacteria and molds to grow in the seams where lids connect with cups, or the interior of straws where saliva may remain.


Office desktop cleaning may be the most important technique for keeping healthy in the office. You sit at your desk more than at any other place at work, so any germs that linger there have a good chance to invade your system. As your workday goes on, anyone passing your desk can breathe or cough germs into the air, where they can fall on your desk surface. Cleaning your desk at the end of every shift is the best way to keep from getting sick during flu season.


Cleaning rags are the traditional tools for cleaning desktops, but all they really do is spread germs into a thin layer that coats the top of your desk. Instead of spreading germs around, remove them completely to leave a sanitary work surface. Kaivac's KaiFly system is ideal for this job. Spraying the cleaner on the applicator then wiping the desk, and removing the moisture, soil, and germs with the professional squeegee takes only seconds, but it can save you days of miserable sick time.


For more information on Kaivac's KaiFly for desktop cleaning, click here.

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