Purchasing Cleaning Equipment? Here Are Some Important Considerations

Purchasing Cleaning Equipment? Here Are Some Important Considerations

In high-turnover custodial work, the cleaning equipment you supply can be just as important as the people performing the cleaning work. Complicated systems that require extensive training and expensive maintenance may be working against you and your budget. Here are some important things to consider when purchasing cleaning equipment.


Investing in Cleaning Systems


Look carefully at the value that your cleaning equipment is providing. Autoscrubbers and other floor machines can cost companies thousands of dollars. They can also be slow, taking up valuable time that custodians could be using to clean another part of the building. And these machines are often complicated and require hours of employee training, a huge concern if you already have a high turnover of staff. The last thing you want is another expensive piece of equipment sitting idle because your staff don't know how to use it.


Then there are the complications that arise when an autoscrubber needs servicing. Fat repair bills are never welcome, especially when they mean you'll be without your autoscrubber for weeks. On top of the diminishing returns on your investment, the backup plan for many schools and office buildings involves inferior cleaning practices. Compared to efficient cleaning systems, an autoscrubber may be costing your company more than $4,000 extra in upkeep a year. Stretched across the lifetime of the equipment, you could save more than $23,000 on floor cleaning alone when you upgrade to advanced systems.


Your Options When Purchasing Cleaning Equipment


Every administrator wants a user-friendly cleaning system that will get the job done effectively. Mops and rags just don't cut it, which is why expensive equipment such as autoscrubbers arrived, draining a company's finances and a custodian's time. But Kaivac's OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning system is different, and was designed to address the complications of thorough cleaning in an affordable and efficient way.


OmniFlex can replace expensive autoscrubbers at a fraction of the cost. Designed to fit squarely on top of the Trolley-Bucket, OmniFlex components work seamlessly with each other, meaning you can add more components as your needs evolve. The training involved is simple, and the OmniFlex system is more efficient than traditional cleaning systems, letting you reduce labor hours while cutting chemical costs by as much as 90 percent.


With Kaivac equipment, your team will be much better equipped to clean your buildings. No matter what angle you approach the issue from, Kaivac systems deliver superior cleaning results on any budget.


For more about Kaivac's OmniFlex systems, click here.

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