Fruit Fly Control in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Fruit Fly Control in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Whether you call them fruit flies, gnats, or drain flies, those little insects that come in with the produce are the bane of every kitchen manager's life. It's almost impossible to avoid getting them into your restaurant kitchen. The problem occurs when they hang around and breed, producing thousands of bugs that endanger your food and annoy your kitchen staff. The most important part of fruit fly control is preventing them from spreading, and you can do that by eliminating places for them to eat and breed.


Finding Food Sources


Fruit flies obviously prefer to eat fruit, but they will settle for any vegetable matter, especially if it's spoiled or rotting. Dispose of all spoiled vegetables and fruits as soon as you find them, and actively search for pieces in bottoms of containers. After emptying garbage cans, rinse them with hot water to eliminate any bits of food or juices that may remain. Always run the garbage disposal for an extra 30 seconds, running cold water down the drain at the same time, to clear the area inside the disposal of fruit fly food sources.


Removing Breeding Grounds


Fruit flies need damp places in which to breed, and one of the most common spots for this in restaurants is inside floor drains. For the most effective fruit fly control, removing this spot as a breeding ground will get rid of a large portion of the problem. Pour a gallon of boiling water on the floor around the drain each night, so that the hot water streams down the sides of the drain. This will rinse the sides of the drain pipe and remove food particles while killing off any fruit fly eggs that may have been laid during the day. Repeated boiling water treatment is one of the most crucial actions to take and should be done no matter how minor the problem is in your kitchen.


Eliminate Standing Water


In addition to drain pipes, many restaurants have standing water that lies on the floor all night long as a result of mopping and not drying the floor completely. If the floor is not completely level, water may pool in corners or along walls, leaving small puddles in which fruit flies will lay their eggs. Kaivac's OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system eliminates this problem completely while cleaning your kitchen floors better and in less time. This system leaves floors completely dry to the touch, leaving no standing water for fruit flies to use as egg hatcheries. You'll remove more food and grease than with traditional mops and buckets, making the Dispense-and-Vac ideal for the fight against fruit flies in your restaurant kitchen.


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