Cleaning Bar Countertops More Efficiently

Cleaning Bar Countertops More Efficiently

Sliding a beer down the length of the bar might be just a movie trick, but unless you're cleaning bar countertops the right way, you'll never even get a chance to try it. Due to their high sugar content, drinks spilled throughout the night tend to turn into a sticky mess, even if you use a bar rag during the shift. Spills will naturally gravitate toward cracks and crevices on edges and corners, leaving a sweet residue that's ideal for breeding bacteria. Frequent cleaning only goes so far, as traditional rags and buckets only spread bacteria around in a more uniform film, instead of removing it from the bar top. The right tool always makes the job more efficient, and Kaivac has two that are simple and effective for any size bar.


The Countertop


Traditionally, bartenders clean the countertop with a rag moistened with water or, at best, with a sanitizing solution. Both of these methods tend to pick up bacteria on the rag and then redeposit it over the entire bar surface. Cleaning bar countertops completely and properly involves thoroughly removing all traces of drink residue along with the bacteria that have grown on the surface. Kaivac's KaiFly surface cleaning system will do just that. The KaiFly system consists of three simple steps that each take just a minute or two to perform, making it the perfect technique to use through the entire night for spills and for end-of-the-night cleanup.


Any employee can easily learn to use the KaiFly in just a few moments. In minutes you'll have a clean, bacteria-free bar countertop, free of spills and buildup.


  1. Spray the already-mixed cleaning solution on the microfiber application pad.
  2. Spread the solution over the countertop, and allow the cleaning solution to sit for a minute or two.
  3. Use the professional-grade squeegee to remove all cleaning solution, soil, and bacteria, leaving the countertop clean.

Uneven Surfaces


Cleaning bar countertops doesn't just include one flat surface?the bacteria lurk in multiple corners, knobs, and other irregular surfaces. For keeping these areas clean, the only way to go is to use a cleaning rag and cleaning solution, employing the eight-fold method. In this technique, you fold a cleaning rag into fourths, use one surface, then unfold and refold to find a new, clean surface, until you've cleaned an entire area. In this way, you'll clean without redepositing soil and germs. Kaivac's SmartTowel is ideal for this job. The microfiber cleaning cloth can deal with any wet or sticky job, and the printed numbers in the middle of each side of the cloth ensure that any employee can use the system without losing track of which part of the cloth to use next.


To learn more about the KaiFly system, click here.

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