Window Cleaning: Making a Great First Impression

Window Cleaning: Making a Great First Impression

Multiple studies have shown that customers are much less likely to return to a restaurant if they perceive the place as dirty or having lax cleaning policies. Your front windows are the first things that customers see when coming to your restaurant. Depending on the time of year, slush, rain, dust, pollen, and even dog nose prints can mar your customers' vision of sparkling clean windows. If you ignore regular window cleaning long enough, you can get a reputation for not paying attention to basic cleaning chores, discouraging new customers from even coming in your front door to try your food.


Regular window cleaning on a weekly or even daily basis is crucial for a great first impression, but that doesn't mean you have to spend money on expensive window cleaning services. Your employees can quickly and easily learn to clean your restaurant windows, which takes only minutes a day when done properly. The best way to train a team member in window cleaning is to start with the right tools, instead of the traditional spray bottles and rags.


Best Practices and Techniques


Cleaning windows used to mean spraying them with a cleaning solution, then scrubbing them dry with a cloth or a handful of paper towels. This can leave streaks, take a lot of time, and waste money from the rolls of paper towels used. A better way of window cleaning is much simpler and more effective: spray a cleaning solution onto a microfiber pad, then use the pad to spread the solution over the glass. Allow the cleaner to soak into the soil for a minute or two, then use a commercial squeegee to quickly sheet the moisture and soil from the window glass. There's no scrubbing involved, only a single swooping motion that cleans each window from top to bottom.


Best Tools for the Job


Once you begin saving money by not wasting paper towels, it would be foolish to throw away those profits on inferior cleaning tools. High-quality products will last longer, which you need for a commercial tool that is used daily.


Kaivac's microfiber solution trowel has an absorbent pad attached to a hand trowel. The 18-inch pad makes quick work of wiping cleaning solution onto window surfaces, and it doubles as a whisk cloth to wipe up any drips that form when the squeegee is used.


Kaivac also offers a superior window squeegee with a high-quality rubber blade, wide enough to handle any window job yet light enough that your employees won't suffer from wrist fatigue when cleaning the windows.


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