School Cleaning Techniques to Deal with Stomach Flu

School Cleaning Techniques to Deal with Stomach Flu

The stomach flu, or gastroenteritis, is a viral infection that can affect people of any age. Certain bacteria can also cause stomach flu, so it's easily spread from student to student on the surfaces in a classroom. The sudden onset of stomach flu is usually announced by a student having a vomiting accident, which must be contained quickly by an immediate school cleaning to avoid the spread of bacteria. It may sound over the top, but vomit truly is a biological hazard and needs to be treated as such. Mops and rags are often used to combat the spread of stomach flu, but these can do more harm than good, spreading the bacteria further instead of cleaning it up. With students changing rooms and desks all day long, an effective cleaning plan is your first line of defense against a spreading epidemic of stomach flu in your school.



Students constantly touch their faces and mouths, cover coughs, and otherwise deposit germs on their hands all day long. This bacteria then gets deposited on desktops and tabletops, allowing it to spread to other children who use the same surface. The traditional method of cleaning desks and tables, with a rag or sponge and bucket of cleaning solution, can actually make the problem worse. When a sponge picks up bacteria, it deposits it into the cleaning water as soon as it's squeezed out. The contaminated cleaning water then smears flu germs over all the rest of the desks and tables in the room.


Kaivac's KaiFly cleaning system solves the problem of cross-contamination and successfully removes soil and bacteria from tables, desks, and other classroom surfaces. A cleaning solution is sprayed onto a microfiber pad attached to a hand trowel. Then, the trowel applies the solution to the surface . The resulting moisture, along with the surface dirt and germs, is squeegeed away, leaving the surface much cleaner than when cleaned with traditional methods.



One surface that gets particularly abused during stomach flu season is the school floors. Vomit accidents invariably end up on the floor tiles, requiring an immediate response by the maintenance staff. No matter how well it's rinsed, a traditional mop head never gets free of bacteria after dealing with the results of a stomach flu attack. The school cleaning job may look clean, but germs can lurk on the strings or pads of mops, waiting to be redeposited onto the floors the next time they're used.


Kaivac's OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system avoids all the problems of traditional mopping and deploys a powerful set of techniques that remove the soil particles and resulting bacteria in a fraction of the time. Cleaning solution is dispensed onto the soil, and a powerful vacuum system removes all the substances deposited onto the floor. Instead of mopping for several minutes, a vomit accident can be cleaned up in under sixty seconds, with much better, cleaner results.


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