Cleaning Classrooms the Right Way to Keep Kids Healthy

Cleaning Classrooms the Right Way to Keep Kids Healthy

Back to school often means back to sniffles and sneezes, and that's not just because of seasonal allergies. Elementary schools have often been called the germiest buildings in America, and with good reason. No matter how well some parents train their children in good hygiene habits, kids can still fall victim to a number of diseases that thrive in the school environment. Without proper training and equipment, janitorial staff can leave bacteria and other germs behind when cleaning classrooms. The old traditional methods with mops and rags often spread germs around more than cleaning them up, leaving classrooms less sanitary than they were before being cleaned.


The Dirtiest Spot in Class

While some parts of a classroom, such as floors and faucets, get cleaned on a daily basis, the place that gets used the most is also one that's less frequently cleaned. Student desks are in constant use, with children leaning their elbows on the desktops, sneezing and coughing toward them, and placing their hands all over them. Young children are notorious for putting their fingers and other objects into their mouths, so any organism living on the desk surface has a free pass into kids' bodies. A study showed that children are more than twice as likely to be absent due to illness when desks aren't cleaned on a regular basis, so keeping desks clean helps their education as well their health.


Best Way to Clean Desks

Sprays and rags not handled correctly can spread germs from desk to desk instead of removing them, and using paper towels is inefficient and a waste of important resources. The KaiFly surface cleaning system uses neither. Instead, a pad saturated with cleaning solution easily spreads the liquid onto the desktop, and a handheld squeegee removes the liquid, dirt, and germs from the desk surface. You're left with desks that are clean, dry, and free of dangerous organisms, and in a lot less time than traditional cleaning methods would take.


Other Neglected Spots

Cleaning classrooms takes more than a quick mop and wiping the desks down. To eliminate germs that can spread disease through an entire class, you need to remove the germs where children most often put their hands. Spots such as pencil sharpener handles, keyboards, door knobs, and paper towel dispensers may seem safe, but they're among the most common spots where germs gather in a classroom. Kaivac's SmartTowel, which can be folded into fourths with numbered corners, will encourage classroom janitors to use a clean surface for each individual spot.


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