A Revolutionary School Cleaning System for Your Cleanest Year Yet

A Revolutionary School Cleaning System for Your Cleanest Year Yet

Have you had trouble maintaining cleanliness in your school throughout the year? The challenges are numerous in every school district. From limited budgets to antiquated cleaning systems dependent on dangerous chemicals, it is a wonder any school can maintain a high standard of cleanliness for long. Here is how a revolutionary method of school cleaning can change all that and deliver your cleanest year yet without increasing your budget for custodial departments.


Start Clean; Stay Clean


Most school systems are bogged down in antiquated cleaning methods that force staff members to use inefficient mops and wringers. These systems waste countless worker hours and are ineffective. On top of these problems, the cleanest day of the year is the first day of school. Every day after, custodial crews are desperately playing the impossible game of catch-up.


As a result, your schools suffer from lower cleaning standards. Studies have shown that poor school cleaning affects the performance of students and teachers (through illness and lower morale) while damaging the school's reputation among parents and other members of the community. It is also costly when it comes to paying substitutes for the teachers who succumb to illness from dirty schools.


Advanced systems like those Kaivac offers deliver the highest standard of cleanliness possible while using up to 90 percent less chemicals. These one-of-a-kind systems make it easier for staff to start clean and stay clean throughout the year. While part of the revolution is in the cleaning materials, the other benefit comes in improved productivity.


Better Productivity for Better School Cleaning


When custodial staff members are bogged down with less effective systems, it is no wonder they have trouble keeping up high standards of cleanliness. Kaivac's cleaning systems increase productivity by a factor of three or more, which allows your team to focus on other problem areas around the school. Low-chemical, no-touch cleaning systems also prevent contaminants from spreading to other areas of the school, as is common with mops.


Spray-and-vac systems make it easier to remove contaminants without spreading. By giving your cleaning crew the right tools, you have the opportunity to have your cleanest, safest school year yet.


Fortunately, you don't have to spend more to get the highest level of restroom cleanliness available. Before you head down the same old path in school cleaning, find out how Kaivac has changed the game.


To learn more about achieving cleaner, healtheir schools, click here.

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