Are Commercial Green Cleaning Products Effective?

Are Commercial Green Cleaning Products Effective?


For professionals in charge of maintenance departments for commercial restrooms, cleaning properly must always be the top priority. Has the rise of the green cleaning industry allowed some products to get by without being effective because they reduce the amount of chemicals? There is no need to sacrifice cleanliness when using commercial green cleaning products. Here is a solution that is the most effective?and the most chemical-free?on the market today.


Effective Cleaning as the Top Priority

You have a huge responsibility if you are in charge of the cleanliness of public restrooms for school systems, restaurants, and other large facilities. Cleaning effectively is the primary goal, but reducing the chemical contents of cleaning products would be a huge benefit for your community and public image.


To that end, research in labs certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) has demonstrated that the Kaivac system can remove 99.9 percent of bacteria using one product: water. Clearly, there is no greener system than one employing just water throughout the cleaning process. Match those green credentials to 99.9 percent effectiveness in removing microbe particles, and the power of water in the right cleaning system is obvious.


In fact, tests have shown that Kaivac's systems are actually up to 60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than mops. The system gets its effectiveness from the cleaning process itself rather than the chemistry used for cleaning.


Reducing Contamination by Removing Bacteria

Understanding how contamination works reveals how inadequate traditional cleaning systems are. The mops used to clean public restrooms spread around as many contaminants as they remove. Kaivac methods focus on removing the soil and pollutants by setting aside mops entirely with a no-touch system. This method uses pressurized water to dislodge soils and potentially harmful organisms before removing them with a wet/dry vacuum (a technique known as spray-and-vac).


How Green Is the Actual System?

Having established the power of the Kaivac cleaning system, it's fair to ask how green the system really is. To start, even though Kaivac's systems are capable of cleaning with plain water only, in most cases it makes sense to use chemicals to assist in the cleaning process. In those cases, Kaivac chemicals are certified by Green Seal for their minimal impact on the environment. Since Kaivac can reduce chemical use by 90 percent, your maintenance team will need to use far fewer chemicals to clean a building.


Indoor air quality is another benefit available with effective surface cleaning. Kaivac cleaning systems improve indoor air by removing soil, dust and even residual chemicals efficiently. In addition, when employing the No-Touch cleaning method, exhaust from the vacuum passes through a HEPA filter. In many cases, the Kaivac method can extend the time between burnishing and finishing floors, which limits the total amount of chemical exposure and fumes in the air.


Adopting the Kaivac system using commercial green cleaning products allows your team to clean better and more efficiently.

To learn more about Kaivac's approach to green cleaning, click here.

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